Affordable Housing: Guidance for Developers/Landowners


If you are a developer or a landowner this section explains how we work with you to ensure affordable housing is considered when proposals are made for new housing.

Trajan Place – city centre development providing units of market housing, Trojan Placeshared ownership and social rented housing by working in partnership with Miller Homes, Bromford Housing Association and the Housing Corporation.

How we work with you

We have our affordable housing requirements clearly out in policies within the Council including our Local Plan. One of the most important documents is the Council's Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).This was adopted in January 2009 and includes information about when and where affordable housing will be sought as part of planning applications. In addition to this document, there is the Balanced Housing Market Development Plan Document, which replaces some of the Local Plan policies.


  • We will negotiate with you at the earliest stage regarding the provision of an element of affordable housing on sites proposed for residential development to help avoid any abortive work on your part.
  • We will discuss with you the mix of affordable housing to be provided on site. This will be based on housing need for the City and the type of housing to be provided on site. We have carried out a study on the housing requirements of the City and if you would like to purchase a copy please click here.
  • We will liaise closely with yourselves, our Planning Department and the Housing Association regarding the provision of affordable housing.
  • Where necessary we will attend Planning Committee meetings to support the planning application.
  • We can provide you with a list of our preferred housing association partners who work in the Worcester City area and who consistently deliver on housing management and development targets.

Working with a preferred partner housing association can provide many benefits to a developer/landowner and these include the following:

  1. they have been through a selection process with the local authority
  2. they will have a proven record in delivering affordable housing and have excellent housing management skills.
  3. they have a good knowledge of the Worcester area with an understanding of local needs and priorities
  4. they have housing stock in the area and existing housing management arrangements
  5. they have built up a close working relationship with the Local Authority
  6. we can supply up to date contact details for the partner housing associations.
  7. they are actively developing in this area.
  • Affordable Housing Policy To find out more about our policies for providing affordable housing please click here.
  • Preferred Development Partners We work with preferred partner housing associations to provide affordable housing in the City – click here to find out more.
  • Publication List  - please click here to download/purchase copies of the Strategic housing publications.