Affordable Housing Policy

The Council has a number of policies in place designed to maximise the provision of quality affordable housing.  The key policies are as follows:-

1) Local Plan

2)  Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) .This was adopted in January 2009 and includes information about when and where affordable housing will be sought as part of planning applications.

3) Balanced Housing Market Development Plan Document (DPD)

Some of the main areas within this documents relating to affordable housing are as follows:-

  • The current adopted local plan policy seeks an element of affordable housing on sites of 24 or more dwellings, based on 30% of the net site area or the total number of dwellings.   However the adopted Balanced Housing Market Development Plan Document changes the affordable housing site size threshold to 12 or more dwellings, based on 40% of the net site area or 40% of total dwellings.
  • The Council will normally seek a 80%/20% split of affordable rented to shared ownership properties within a scheme expect in exceptional circumstances or where housing needs data indicates a different mix is required (SPG para 3.15)
  • The affordable housing will be expected to be provided on-site in line with Government Guidance. The Council would only accept off-site provision in very exceptional circumstances, where it can be demonstrated that the off-site provision will meet specific housing needs in that particular location, that cannot be provided on the original site (SPG para 4.19)
  • If the developer wishes to provide a lesser amount of affordable housing "the onus will be on the developer to provide an element of affordable housing would threaten the financial viability of a development. They will be required to provide a confidential financial analysis, endorsed by an independent valuer" SPG para 4.13)