Site Representative Role and Elections


Every Allotment site has a Site Representative who is elected by the allotment holders at the site through a ballot.

All allotment holders are given the opportunity to stand as a candidate for the election. Re-elections take place every 3 years or when a Site Rep hands in their resignation, whichever is sooner.

Where a site has more than 50 plots, it has been agreed that the duties may be shared between two joint representatives, if the elected representative would like additional support.

 In the event of only one nomination, (two on the larger sites), being received, that person(s) will be elected unopposed, and an election will not take place.

Guidelines for the role of an Allotment Representative

The Allotment Forum now meets monthly throughout most of the year.

Its main tasks have been to implement an Allotment Forum structure, start looking at some of the issues concerning the allotments and discuss details of the City Council's management of its allotment sites.

It is therefore important to provide guidelines for the role of an Allotment Representative so that they can form an integral part of the future of Worcester allotments.

Outlined below are, under specific headings, guidelines which go some way towards helping our Forum members understand the role of Allotment Representative.

Why are Allotment Representatives Needed?

  • Communication

This is seen as one of the most important reasons for nominating allotment representatives on the City's allotment sites.  Their role is an essential part of the communication process providing the means to communicate with officers of Worcester City Council and their fellow allotment users.  There is also an opportunity to be a member of the City Allotment Forum.

  • Community Spirit

The allotment representatives form an integral part of the success of a particular allotment site.  The role is an important part of the process in raising and keeping going the community spirit thus making the renting of an allotment a worthwhile recreational experience.

  • Forward Planning/Development of Allotments

So that the City Council can provide a high standard of allotment provision and go some way towards taking the views of its allotment users into consideration, the role of allotment representative is an important part of the forward planning and planning of allotments.

  • Encourage Participation

At the present time there is concern about the high percentage of unused plots on a number of the City's allotment sites.  The allotment representative has an important role to encourage members of the public to enjoy the benefits of renting an allotment plot.

  • Site Management

As well as giving consideration to the forward planning of allotments, it is just as important to provide a high standard of daily site management.  The representative has an important role in achieving this aim.


What are Allotment Representatives?

  • They are volunteers - They have put their names forward to become allotment representatives.

  • They are allotment tenants in their own right - Only allotment tenants of Worcester City Council can become representatives.

  • Democratically elected - Representatives are elected by their colleagues from their particular site through a democratic process.

  • Give up their own time - Representatives are willing to represent their colleagues in their own time through attending the Worcester Allotment Forum meetings.

What is the role of an Allotment Representative?

  • Gathering information on behalf of other tenants at Worcester City Council.
  • Local liaison with other tenants and the local community
  • Participating in practical projects
  • Working with the City Council on behalf of their fellow tenants to organise site improvements
  • Work with the City Council and their fellow tenants to organise events & competitions and to instil community spirit
  • Welcoming and helping new tenants by giving them confidence to enjoy their plots
  • To attend Allotment Forum meetings on behalf of their fellow tenants
  • Work with the City Council to undertake an annual allotment survey
  • Carry out a system of crime reporting to help improve the security of the City's allotment sites
  • To help initiate improvements
  • To promote and encourage the uptake of new plots by informing the Council of those interested in renting an allotment

Learning the job

  •  Warwick Neale, Community Engagement Team Manager, is available to discuss any issues concerning the management of the sites or the role of an allotment representative
  • Support will come from Forum members
  • Specific training can be arranged on request
  • You are not on your own

Do's and Don'ts to get you started


  • Do familiarise yourself with the site representatives manual
  • Do attend as many Forum meetings as possible
  • Do make yourself aware of your line of communication
  • Do help your fellow tenants to obtain advice
  • Do report anything which may be of concern to the City Council - 01905 722233 or
  • Do share any ideas which would contribute towards improving your particular site


  • Don't be afraid to contribute towards improving the City's allotments as help and advice is always available
  • Don't think that being a representative gives you an special powers or authority
  • Don't undertake practical work outside your ability or without appropriate permission
  • Don't enter on to an allotment plot without its owner's permission
  • Don't enter into any tenancy agreements as these are dealt with solely by Worcester City Council