Conservation Areas

What is a Conservation Area?

Conservation Areas are neighbourhoods that are recognised as having special qualities that should be particularly looked after. Often the spaces between the buildings are more significant than the buildings themselves. This would include the roads and footpaths, the trees and greenery, the lamp posts and the garden walls.

When considering proposals for a development or building works that are within a conservation area, the Council has a legal duty ensure its preservation and enhancement; this has a major influence on how planning applications are determined. Proposals for development nearby can have a damaging effect on a conservation area because it would bring changes to the setting.

The Council has to consult widely on all schemes affecting the historic environment and it takes fully into account all representations received. For many years it has used a special Conservation Areas Advisory Committee to guide its decisions on all conservation matters. The comments from this group are considered by the planning officers and passed to the Planning Committee before decisions are reached.

For further information on Conservation Areas please read the guidance as set out on the English Heritage Website.

full list of the City's Conservation Areas and map with other appraisals and maps available online.

If you wish to have any further information in relation to our Conservation Areas then please complete our enquiry form and we will aim to reply within 3-5 working days

Conservation Area Designations

Among the duties of the council, it should consider all parts of the city to see if any have special qualities that make them suitable to be conservation areas.  Once they are officially designated, it is the council's duty to see that their special qualities are ‘preserved and enhanced' by any development work that might take place. Information on how conservation areas are designated and the conservation area appraisal process can be found online.

Conservation Area Appraisals

We are currently consulting on the Lark Hill Conservation Area Appraisal.

Lark Hill Conservation Area was designated by Worcester City Council in 1980 and reviewed in 2003. As part of a programme of reviewing all conservation areas Worcester City Council has produced the draft Lark Hill Conservation Area Appraisal. The appraisal document assesses the unique architectural and historic interest of the area and when approved will be used to provide a sound basis for development management decisions and contribute to local plan making.

The City Council invites your views and comments on the draft appraisal document. All responses will be taken into account and reported to the Council's Planning Committee before the Appraisal is formally adopted.

To view the draft appraisal document please click on the link below.

Lark Hill Conservation Area Appraisal

Lark Hill Conservation Area Feedback Form

The consultation will run from Monday 6th February until Monday 20th March 2017.

There will also be an opportunity to discuss the Appraisal with the City Council's Conservation Officer at an exhibition to be held at St. Martin's Parish Centre, London Road, Worcester on Tuesday 21st February from 5.30-7.30pm. The exhibition will also be available to view at the Guildhall, High Street, Worcester from Monday 27th February to Friday 3rd March 2017