Hiring a park for an event

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We welcome the opportunity for people to use and enjoy our green spaces for the following events and activities:-

  • Community Events

  • Small Private Events

  • Balloon Flights

  • Helicopter Flights

  • Media Enquires

Community events eg music festivals, funfairs, dog shows, charity events

If you would like to hold a community event we are happy to support you as best we can but before you contact us you will need to have thought about dates, location, size and type of activities.  Also you will need to have considered if you have the right skills, support and above all the time required to successfully organise a public event.  Events can take a lot of planning and we strongly recommend that you allow yourself plenty of time from submitting the application to the event date. To help you get started please refer to our guide to holding safe and successful events.

You will need to complete the following:-

  • Community Event Application Form (PDF) For events/activities in all green spaces except Pitchcroft
  • Pitchcroft Event Application Form (PDF)
  • Risk Assessment* (Blank Risk Assessment Form, or download a Sample Risk Assessment Form)
  • Event Management Plan* (Basically a timetable of what is happening when on the day)
  • Map
  • Copy of Your Insurance Certificate (If you are new to organising an event at this stage a written quote from an insurance company is fine.  We appreciate that you would not wish to pay in advance of receiving event approval)

* At this stage these will be draft plans, as we appreciate that not all details will be confirmed in advance of event approval.

All of the above needs to be received at least 8 weeks before your event date.  We require this information because we are the landowners and have a legal obligation to ensure that you as the event organiser have taken all reasonable steps towards organising a safe and enjoyable event.

Once we receive the application it goes to the Green Space Manager for approval.  If approval is given a deposit and hire charge may be required.  Specific conditions may also need to be met by yourself prior to the event for example if your event involves music you will need to obtain a Temporary Events Notice etc.

Applications to be sent to:- Community Engagement Team, Worcester City Council, Cleaner and Greener, Warndon Depot, Pershore Lane, Worcester WR4 0AA.  or email greenspaceevents@worcester.gov.uk

Small private event eg BBQ, birthday party etc.

Please complete the online form below if you would like to hold a private event in one of our parks or green spaces. This is simply to ensure that your event does not clash with any other park activities, and depending on the nature of your event we may require a deposit. We could offer for hire our pop-up shelter and chairs if the warden team are available on the day.

Also available for private hire are the Sons of Rest buildings in Cripplegate and Gheluvelt Park, and the bandstand in Gheluvelt Park. These are available for £10 plus VAT per hour or part hour. Customers will be invoiced shortly after the date of their event, unless it is a block booking of several sessions, in which case payment will be requested before the booking commences. The rooms must be cleaned after use. Full Terms & Conditions will be sent upon application, please fill in the booking form below and mention that it is for a Sons of Rest building or the Bandstand.

Balloon flights

We treat this activity as an 'event', therefore we need you to complete the following:-

  • Event Application Form.
  • Risk Assessment (Blank Risk Assessment Form. view a  Sample Risk Assessment Form.)
  • Event Management Plan (Basically a timetable of what is happening when on the day)
  • Map
  • Copy of Your Insurance Certificate (If you are new to organising an event at this stage a written quote from an insurance company is fine.  We appreciate that you would not wish to pay in advance of receiving event approval)

Helicopter flights

We treat this activity as a 'small event', however a fee of £175 will be incurred by the Operator.  We need you to complete the following along with a comprehensive risk assessment as detailed below:-

  • Small Event Booking Form
  • Risk Assessment.  This will need to include written confirmation that the pilot has air traffic clearance to fly and land; confirmation of pilot's qualification/insurance details; detail of alternative arrangements in case of adverse weather conditions; confirmation that the pilot has competed a site specific risk assessment and is happy with the location of the landing zone; confirmation that the Police and Fire Service have details of the scheduled landing; a copy of the operators insurance needs to be received prior to the landing; details on how the landing zone will be stewarded.

Commercial media enquiries

All media requests to film a programme or record a soundbite in any of our green spaces will incur a fee. This fee covers:

  • administration costs
  • on-site parking where required
  • special access onto the site
  • attendance of a Council Officer to check on-site risk assessments
  • any tidying or repairs after the event.
  • The fee for using one of our sites for filming is:
    • £45 for regional television
    • £90 for network
    • £125 for overseas
    • The fee for a movie will depend on the size, scale and impact on users of the park

We require you to complete the booking form below. On receipt of your details we will contact you for payment by credit or debit card.

Useful links

  • The Purple Event Guide (Very in-depth guide by the Health and Safety Executive on how to organise successful events but contains some useful things to consider)