Housing Options

There are  a range of Housing Options available depending on your situation.  These include private rented accommodation, shared ownership, help to buy, hostel and emergency accommodation  and social housing including sheltered housing.  If you are already a social housing tenant you can also exchange (swap) your tenancy.

Please click on the link below to find out more information and the best option for you based on your current circumstances:-

How to apply for Social Housing

Social housing is allocated via the Home Choice Plus scheme, Home Choice Plus was introduced in September 2008 to provide applicants with choice over which properties they are considered for.  Please be aware there is a high demand for social housing in Worcester and a short supply, therefore applicants can expect to wait a long time before being re-housed, and we would advise that you look in the private rented sector for a solution to your housing need (please see Private Rented Sector page for further details).

 If you would like more information on how to apply for Social Housing please see the Home Choice Plus page.