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Tariff Information

Up to 1 Hr


Up to 2 Hrs


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Up to 4 Hrs


Up to 6 Hrs


Up to 24 Hrs


Up to 48 Hrs (2 x days)


Up to 72 Hrs (3 x days)


Up to 96 Hrs (4 x days)


Up to 120  Hrs (5 x days)



Car Park Facts

 Castle Street, Worcester, WR1 6EJ

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We will expect the users of our car parks:

  • To pay the appropriate charge. (Charges apply between 7am and 9pm every day including Sundays and Bank Holidays)
  • To properly display a valid pay and display ticket so it can be easily seen and read as to date, time and amount paid
  • To park correctly in a parking bay
  • Use only one parking space. (Do not park on the white lines or allow your vehicle to overhang into the adjoining bay)
  • To ensure that any motor vehicles using our car parks are properly insured to the minimum requirements of the Road Traffic Act
  • To ensure that any motor vehicles using our car parks displays a valid vehicle excise disk (VED)
  • To ensure that any motor vehicles using our car parks do not cause an obstruction to other road users, including pedestrians
  • Have consideration for other road and car park users
  • Treat our Civil Enforcement Officers in a civil and courteous manner

You can help us by:

  • Parking only in marked bays
  • Not losing your ticket
  • Reporting any incidents including accidents where damage has occurred to our property
  • Having enough cash to cover your parking fee
  • Putting your litter in the bins provided
  • Making sure your motor vehicle is not too high for the car park entrance

Using a Pay and Display Machine:

  • Enter the numeric part of the vehicle registration number into the machine
  • Pay the appropriate fee allowing all the coins to register
  • Check the machine display
  • If any coin fails to register, retrieve them from the bottom tray and try again
  • Push the large green button
  • Wait for the ticket to appear and remove from the bottom tray
  • Park Mark - Safer Parking

Car Parks Useful Information

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