Archaeological Research In Worcester

Worcester Research Framework

As part of the Worcester Urban Archaeological Strategy Project, Worcester City Council has published An outline resource assessment and research framework for the archaeology of Worcester. This is based on both new and old data collected for the City of Worcester Historic Environment Record, especially from recent archaeological investigations, as well as many years of painstaking historical research.

The report focuses on understanding the development, growth and character of the city of Worcester, its site and immediate hinterland from earliest times to the present day. It assesses what we know about Worcester’s past, and more specifically what we do not know, but expect to be able to find out from archaeological or related historical work. Over 150 research priorities are set out, some for specific periods, while others have a much wider scope, including themes like the development of industries (especially iron and ceramics) from Roman times onwards, continuity from the Roman to medieval periods, and the way that town planning through the ages has shaped the modern city.

The resource assessment and research framework is designed mainly to support archaeological work which happens as a result of development in the city. However it is the most up-to-date and comprehensive review of Worcester’s archaeology currently available and should be useful to anyone interested in the development of the city and the evidence of its past.

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Updates on recent archaeological work in Worcester

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