Hostels & Emergency Accommodation

Accommodation Options

1.  Emergency homeless hostels 

There are two homeless hostels in Worcester; St. Paulís Hostel and the YMCA, each offer accommodation as well as other various homeless services. 


 Service they provide


St. Paulís Hostel is a direct access hostel, meaning that if they have vacancies and you are successfully referred either by the Council, or by a self-referral, they will offer you a room.

St Paul's exists to provide accommodation and support to single homeless people within Worcester City and around the county. As well as the main 46 bed hostel it also operates a 'dry' house, a substance misuse service for street drinkers, rough sleeper outreach, resettlement services and a 'gateway' service known as Worcestershire LinkUp.

  • St Pauls Hostel - Website
  • St Pauls Phone - 01905 723729


YMCA Worcester is a registered independent charity providing Foyer and hostel accommodation for 74 single residents who find themselves homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Qualified staff support residents by providing a safe and secure environment, help them to address their personal issues and encourage them to develop and build their own positive future. Our support services for residents embed positive behaviour, promote motivation, raise horizons, set targets to achieve goals, encourage contribution and personal

The YMCA operates an appointment system for interviews (Mondays to Thursdays),you will need to have an interview before you are accepted for accommodation.

  • Worcester YMCA -Website
  • Worcester YMCA - Phone 01905 423197 


2. Homelessness and Rough Sleeping


Service they provide

Worcestershire Homeless InterventionTeam (WHIT)


WHIT a St Paul's homelessness service,have a centrally based office within Worcester City. The team has a remit to provide a service across the six districts of the county:Wychavon, Wyre Forest ,Malvern Hills,Bromsgrove,Worcester and Redditch.

Worcestershire Homeless Intervention Team (WHIT) works with:

  • Rough Sleepers
  • Those at risk of rough sleeping
  • Agency staff working with this client group 

If you know someone who is sleeping rough or may end up sleeping rough or you work with people who may be sleeping rough then the  WHIT Team may be able to help you.

  • WHIT -Website
  • WHIT -Phone - 01905 723732


StreetLink is a new public service for reporting rough sleeping and aims to connect Rough Sleepers to local services.

  • If you are concerned about a Rough Sleeper tell StreetLink here
  • If you are a Rough Sleeper tell StreetLink here

Worcestershire LinkUP is a single homeless access service covering the whole of the county. It acts as a single point of contact for clients and aims to facilitate quick and effective access into supported accommodation and housing support services. Clients must be homeless or potentially homeless and in addition they may have a history of offending behaviour, problematic drug or alcohol use or be a young person i.e. 16 - 25.

The LinkUP staff will complete a comprehensive assessment of a client's needs and coordinate referrals to agencies relevant to the client. Client details are also logged onto a secure internet hosted database ensuring timely and efficient data sharing. By taking this central role and coordinating referrals Link UP aims to reduce duplication, divert people away from the streets, minimise distress and get vulnerable people help when they need it.

  • Linkup -Website
  • Linkup -Phone - 10905 739395



 3. Supported accommodation for 16-25 year olds


Service they provide


If you are a young person that has never lived away from home, supported accommodation is a good option. You can access this accommodation through The Bubble.

The Bubble is a support service for young people in South Worcestershire who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. They can help prevent homelessness as well as accessing supported accommodation, and you should call them on the number below if you would like help. Please see the useful leaflet below which provides advice about living on your own.

  • Are You Ready To Live On Your Own - Leaflet
  • The Bubble - Phone - 01905 423197
  • The Bubble - Website

b) Bath Road Project

Bath Road Project consists of 12 one bed flats exclusively for young people aged 16-24, Flats are self-contained so you would have your own bathroom and kitchen.

This is a good ďmove onĒ option for those that have some independent living skills. This accommodation is still staffed 24 hours a day, but you are responsible for doing your own cooking, cleaning and budgeting. Please note, however, that there is quite a long waiting list for this scheme. To access this accommodation you should call the Bubble on the contact details below.

  • The Bubble - Website
  • The Bubble - Phone - 01905 423197

4.  Bed & Breakfast accommodation


Service they provide

A single room in Worcester will cost you around £80.00 to £175.00 per week. If you are on a low income, we would recommend that you contact the Housing Benefit Section before accepting a room in order to ensure the accommodation is affordable.

You may get a private bedroom, but itís possible that you will have to share bathroom facilities.There are usually no cooking facilities, so you may have to rely on takeaway food. If thereís a kitchen, you may have to share it with others.



4.  Smartmove


Service they provide


Smartmove is a scheme run by Worcester Housing And Benefit Advice Centre which assists single homeless people and childless couples in securing private rented accommodation. If you are accepted onto the scheme they will help you locate accommodation (which may consist of a room within a shared house, bed-sit or one bedroomed self contained accommodation), assist with claiming Housing Benefit and provide on-going support if required.