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13.05.11 Category: Environment, Transport & Streets

Riverside regeneration enters final phase

The final phase of Worcesterís riverside regeneration is nearing completion. By the end of May a majority of the riverside path will be open, from the Copenhagen Street Car Park steps, past the Watergate through to Severn Street.

New Yorkstone paving has been laid around the Watergate raising the quality of the landscape & historic setting. The porous resin bound gravel around the chestnut pollards enhances their setting & allows moisture penetration & aeration to the roots, ensuring the continued good health of the trees.

New Yorkstone pavingporous resin bound gravel around the chestnut pollards

New trees have been planted along Kleve Walk as replacements for the poor quality trees felled in 2009. The new trees are a variety of Elm resistant to Dutch Elm disease & a compact variety of Amelanchier. Both species are hardy, whilst also having excellent amenity appeal.

variety of Amelanchier

New edging has been laid to define the riverside path, with new surfacing to improve the the landscape setting of the route.

New edging has been laid to define the riverside path

New block paving has been laid along South Parade and South Quay, improving the link between Worcester Bridge and the Quay fountain.

South Quay, Wocester Waterfront

The remaining works include stone & block paving to the northern end of Kleve Walk and around the Swan Statue. Resin bonded gravel and a new tarmac wearing course will complete the surfacing works. Finally, street furniture including new seats & signage will be installed. The Swan Statue, which has been removed for repair, will also be reinstated.

Artist Sketch of Kleve Walk

Worcester City Councilís Operational Services are undertaking the works to the south of the Diglis Parade houses to the canal, with completion due by the end of May.

Ducting for the new low-level bollard lighting has also been laid and the lighting is due to be installed by Worcestershire County Council.

Worcester City Council will be organising free wildlife & riverside tour by a local wildlife expert.

If you would like further information about the riverside project please contact Richard Hopkins on 01905 722564.



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