Traffic Roundabout Sponsorship in Worcester City

Worcester City Council is working in partnership with the UK's leading marketing specialists Immediate Solutions to promote high profile business sponsorship opportunities on roundabouts located on key arterial routes within our region.

Working alongside Immediate Solutions, the Council is keen to develop new commercially-based relationships with our local businesses and to provide platforms to help you raise the profile of your business across the Worcester area.

You can do this by displaying your Company logo and business message throughout the year by sponsoring one of Worcester' many roundabouts, including prime locations just off the M5 and on the main arterial routes into the City.

Locations and availability

Location Availability
Woodgreen Drive/Charles Hastings Way/Newtown Road B4636 (Hospital roundabout) Available
Woodgreen Drive/Charles Hastings Way/Newtown Road B4636 (Hospital roundabout) Available
Trotshill Way/Parsonage Walk/Plantation Drive/A4440 (Bottom end of Plantation Drive) Available
Woodgreen Drive/Berkeley Way/Cotswold Way/Brindley Rd (Sign near Tesco Express) Available
Swinesherd Way/Wildwood Rd (Island adjacent to rear entrance to County Hall) Available
George Street/St Martin's Gate/Pheasant Street/ (Adjacent to Tallow Hill Business Park) Available
Wainwright Rd/Brindley Rd (Island on the industrial estate) Available
Hallow Road/Monarch Drive (on the way out of the City Centre towards Hallow Village) Available
Woodgreen Drive/Dugdale Drive (Top end of Dugdale Drive) Available
Woodgreen Drive/Middle Hallow Drive/Slade Ave (Island leading onto Tolladine Rd) Available
Woodgreen Drive/Plantation Drive/Marsh Ave (Top end of Plantation Drive) Available
St Peters Drive/Bath Rd/Worcester Rd/Dace Rd (Timberdine Island) Available
A44 Whittington Road/Spetchley Road/London Road (Oak Apple Pub Island) Taken
Parsonage Way/Wainwright R/Warndon Way/Berkeley Way (Island up to M5 J6) Taken
Wainwright Rd/Bridgwater Rd/Island adjacent to the Three Pears/Premier Inn Taken
A4440 St Peters/Norton (St Peters Garden Centre signs in situ) Taken
Tybridge Street/New Road/Bromwich Rd (New Rd island) Taken
Woodgreen Drive/Millwood Drive/Snowberry Avenue (Island near main Tesco) Taken
St Peters Drive/Queenswood Drive (Island at entrance to St Peters Tesco) Taken
Bromwich Rd/Malvern Rd/Canada Way (Island adjacent to the petrol station) Taken
City Walls Rd/St Martin's Gate (Island adjacent to City Youth House) Taken
Newtown Rd/Nunnery Way/Grange Way Taken
Windermere Drive/Bilford Rd/Blackpole Rd (Homebase Island) Taken


To find out how your business can sponsor a site in Worcester please telephone 01422 354 300 or email or visit the Immediate Solutions website.