Bin collection changes - January 2018

Black & Green bins

Your questions answered

What is happening and why?

We’re making changes to waste collection routes to make them more efficient.  We are reducing the number of vehicles we operate, saving money and reducing environmental impact.

Your waste will still be collected on alternate weeks (recycling one week and refuse the next).  However, your waste collection day may change – and you may need to leave the same colour bin or sack out for two weeks in a row, while our team moves over to the new schedule.

When will these changes happen?

The changes start in the week commencing 29 January 2018.  We have written to everyone, setting out any changes to your bin collection schedule. Your letter was posted in early January.

What information will I get?

Your letter will tell you exactly what type of waste to put out and the correct day to do so, for the four week period from 29 January when our waste team moves over to the new schedule. We will also let you know if yours is a Week 1 or Week 2 property, which will enable you to request or download the correct collection calendar telling you about future collections. 

What do I do with extra rubbish and recycling?

As we swap over collections to the new schedule some households will receive two consecutive black refuse collections.  This means there should be no problem with the storage of refuse; however, you may take any additional refuse to one of our household recycling centres at any time, if you need to do so.

Our crews will always collect green recycling side waste, providing it is placed in a clear or green sack or in a cardboard box – PLEASE NO BLACK SACKS. Alternatively, collect some extra sacks for recycling from our Customer Service Centre at The Hive or from The Guildhall, or see your waste crew who will be happy to provide you with a couple of green sacks during this period.

How will I know what you are collecting each week?

Each property will become known as a Week 1 property or a Week 2 property so that you will know which week your black refuse and green recycling will be collected. 

You can find your collection details and download your collection calendar by looking up your post code.

I have a Garden Waste Collection, is that changing?

Any changes to the Garden Waste Collection Service will be notified to you separately in your annual service letter in February.

Can I have an extra bin for recycling?

Yes, just let us know if you need an extra recycling bin and we will arrange to get one delivered.

What can be recycled in the green bin?

  • Food and drinks cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic bottles and containers
  • Cartons

For a full list please visit our recycling page.

What happens to my Recycling?

All of our mixed recycling is taken to a local facility Envirosort where it is separated out into different material streams before being sent on for recycling at different locations. Lots more information is available is on our recycling page or  on Severn Waste website.

What can I do with Garden Waste?

The Council offers a garden waste collection service and for a one off payment you can have a wheeled bin collected every fortnight over the early Spring to late autumn period. Further information is available on our Garden Waste page.