Adapting to Climate Change in Worcester

Adaptation is about acknowledging that the effects of climate change can already be felt, and responding to these changes.

In Worcester, it is likely that we will start to see an increase in heatwaves (temperatures over 300C), increase in fluvial (river) and surface water flooding, and an increase in extreme cold weather events. This means that we can make changes now which will help us to be more prepared for these events, and to ensure that they do not cause disruption to our lives.

Worcester City Council is committed to climate change adaptation. We have developed a Local Climate Impacts Profile (use link for the summary, for the full report please contact us), to assess what changes we are likely to see. This profile helps us to work out what we need to do to adapt and the options available to us.

The next stage of our work has been to carry out risk assessments for our most vulnerable services, based on the hazards that we expect to see.

For more information on impacts of climate change across the nation, the UK Climate Projections website has a wealth of information.

Addressing the challenges faced due to climate change is a key concern for Planning services.