In 2020 Worcester City Council declared a biodiversity emergency, recognising that action needs to be taken immediately to stop the decline of our native species.

This pledge is supported by a pdf biodiversity action programme (122 KB) .

This includes actions and timescales to:

Take independent advice to ensure biodiversity is enhanced across all parks and open spaces managed by the City Council.

  1. Create more wildflower meadows around the city
  2. Maximise the tree canopy across the city
  3. Enhance biodiversity at Astwood and St John’s Cemeteries
  4. Protect Lyppard Grange Ponds – home to the great crested newt, an endangered species
  5. Enhance biodiversity at allotment sites
  6. Work in partnership with local groups including:

Peat-free compost

The Council is ‘peat-free’, having not used peat at any of our sites for over ten years. Compost bays have been installed at all our parks so that garden waste can be composted, including the leaves and grass clippings. This compost is then used on flower beds as mulch and as soil improver for the annual bedding.