Commercial waste collection service

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Worcester City Council provides a commercial waste collection service for the benefit of businesses within Worcester City. This service is chargeable as the removal of commercial waste is not included within business rates.

Waste can be stored in varying sizes of bins (supplied by Worcester City Council) or, in exceptional circumstances, by the customer.  Alternatively, if bins are unsuitable, official commercial waste sacks may be purchased (see below for details).

Bins are supplied free of charge but remain the property of Worcester City Council. It is the responsibility of the customer to safely store the bin(s) for the duration of the contract. Any loss or damage to the bins whilst in the care of the customer will incur a charge for repair or replacement.

Worcester City Council offers four different sizes of bin for commercial customers: 

Bin Size Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
240 litre 580 740 1100
360 litre 665 880 1100
660 litre 1250 720 1310
1100 litre 1250 980 1370

The "pay per sack up front" system

Worcester City Council does not collect any black or other non-Council sacks from commercial premises. Only white sacks purchased in advance will be collected.

All customers wishing to purchase white sacks will need to be registered in advance with the Council to receive a collection service. Please complete our Commercial Waste Collection Service enquiry form to arrange registration. Once a customer is registered rolls of 50 white sacks are available to purchase from the Worcestershire Hub Contact Centre at:

The Hive
Sawmill Walk
The Butts
Worcester WR1 3PB

There is no restriction on the number of sacks a customer may put out on their agreed collection day.

  • Price for a roll of 50 is currently £120.89

Type of waste collected

We are unable to collect certain types of waste such as electrical, clinical or other hazardous items in with the normal waste. However we may be able to advise you on where to dispose of hazardous wastes or we can arrange special collections.

Further information about the management of waste can be found at

Enquire about our commercial waste collection service

Please use our Commercial Waste Collection Service enquiry form

Report missed commercial waste collection

We are sorry if we have inadvertently missed your commercial waste collection. Please use the form below to report COMMERICIAL WASTE missed bins only. For missed domestic household waste please use our domestic household missed bins form instead.

Report your commercial waste bin/sacks have been missed

Trade waste presentation policy and procedure

Worcester City Council is committed to work with partners to maintain and improve the street scene within our City Centre to make it an attractive location which encourages footfall drawing inward investment and promoting growth.

The wider City Centre is home to over 700 businesses all of whom generate varying levels of trade waste.  Prior to our Policy, arrangements for trade waste storage and collection varied, but in the main, waste was placed for collection outside business frontages at various different times of the day and collected by a number of different contractors.

At times, this led to the City Centre street scene looking unattractive especially with the added potential for bags to be split open by gulls, foxes and other vermin. The waste could also cause access difficulties or unpleasant odours, hence the need for the City Centre Trade Waste Collection Policy which aims to inform businesses about how and when to dispose of their waste and encouraging them to play their part in ensuring the City Centre is attractive to visitors and other businesses.

The Policy applies to the Worcester Business Improvement District (BID) area as of 31 January 2016 

Duty of care

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, persons have a duty of care to take full responsibility for the safe storage and disposal of their waste. All businesses will be required to complete a Duty of Care – Controlled Waste Transfer Note which describes the waste to be transferred, how it is contained and who is the holder of the waste. The waste must be contained in either bags or bins or bundled up as in the case of cardboard so that no spillage can occur.

The Waste Transfer Note must be completed annually and copies kept by both parties.

Service contract

A contract form will be completed before the commencement of waste collections. The contract will record customer details and specify how  bins are collected per week.

Free no obligation quotation

If you are interested in finding out how much the service will cost, please contact us with your requirements using our Commercial Waste Collection Service enquiry form and we'll provide you with a fully inclusive quote. 


Invoices are sent quarterly in advance and in some circumstances, where one-off collections are requested or the quantity to be collected changes, charges are made monthly.

Direct Debit facilities are now available to our Trade Waste customers.

For customers who would like to apply for the direct debit service, please email:

Businesses transferring to the new "Pay Per Sack Up Front" system will no longer receive invoices.