Community Trigger

What is the Community Trigger?

The South Worcestershire Community Safety Partnership, which includes local councils, the police, clinical commissioning groups and registered housing providers, works together to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The Community Trigger is a process you can use to ask agencies to review the response to anti-social behaviour you have reported. The Trigger is designed to ensure that responsible agencies work together to try and resolve recurring concerns about anti-social behaviour. We will do this by talking about the problem, sharing information and using our resources to try and reach an agreeable outcome. The Trigger should be used if you believe your concerns about an anti-social behaviour issue have not been responded to.

The Trigger cannot be used to report crimes or one-off incidents of anti-social behaviour.

The Trigger does not replace the complaints procedures of individual organisations, or your opportunity to complain to the Local Government Ombudsman or the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

When can I use the trigger?

The Community Trigger can be used in the following situations:

  • You have made three or more reports relating to the same anti-social behaviour problem in the past six months to the Council, Police or a Registered Housing Provider (social landlord) and you feel that no has action been taken.
  • At least three individuals and/or groups in the local community have made reports about the same problem in the past six months to the Council, Police or Registered Housing Provider (social landlord) and they feel that no action has been taken.
  • You can activate the Community Trigger on behalf of someone else if you have their written consent.

How do I use the trigger?

To use the Community Trigger you will need to fill out a form detailing the case. You can request a form by contacting your local community safety team using the contact details below.


Community Safety Officer   

Tel:01905 722410

Tel: 01386 565301

Tel: 01684 862290

Or in writing to

South Worcestershire CSP
c/o Wychavon District Council
Civic Centre
Queen Elizabeth Drive


Trigger Data

The Anti Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act require us to publish the following statistics:

  • received number of applications for ASB case reviews
  • number of times the threshold for review was not met
  • number of reviews carried out
  • number of reviews that resulted in recommendations being made.
  • The data outlined below represents a summary of this information for Worcester City Council:


Worcester City Council ASB Trigger Data

Mar 2017 – Apr 2018

Mar 2018 – Apr 2019

Number of applications received

3 3 (2 referred to relevant local authorities)

Threshold not met



Reviews carried out


1 (ongoing)

Reviews resulting in recommendations