May 2022 elections

On Thursday 5 May 2022 elections are scheduled to be held to elect twelve Worcester City Councillors.

Wards for Worcester City Council

Elections will be held for the following twelve Worcester City Council wards:

  • Battenhall
  • Bedwardine
  • Cathedral
  • Claines
  • Gorse Hill
  • Nunnery
  • Rainbow Hill
  • St John
  • St Peter’s Parish
  • Warndon
  • Warndon Parish North
  • Warndon Parish South

Electors in Arboretum, St. Clement, and St. Stephen Wards will not be electing City Councillors this year.

Standing as a candidate

If you are interested in standing as a candidate for the Worcester City Council elections, please read the information below.

Please also contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide your name, the Ward(s) you are interested in, and a contact email.

By providing this you consent to receiving emailed updates and official notices relevant to the May 2022 elections in those areas, you can opt-out at any time. We will also use these contact details to send invitations to digital events (see important dates below)

Important dates



City Council candidates & agents briefing

17 March 2022 6pm

To be held virtually

Publication of Notice of Election

28 March 2022

Informal checks of nomination papers

28 March 2022 – 5 April 2022

9.30am-5pm (last appointment 3pm 5 April)

Nomination deadline

5 April 2022


Postal Vote opening sessions

10am-5pm Friday 22 April 2022

10am-5pm Wednesday 27 April 2022

10am-5pm Wednesday 4 May 2022

5pm-midnight Thursday 5 May 2022

Voter registration deadline

14 April 2022

Postal vote application deadline

19 April 2022


Candidate & agent count briefing

25 April 2022 6pm

To be held virtually

Proxy vote application deadline

26 April 2022


Deadline for appointment of poll and count agents

27 April 2022

Polling day

5 May 2022


Collection and securing of ballot boxes.

Verification of ballot papers

5 May 2022

From 10pm

Counting of ballot papers

5-6 May 2022

Estimated midnight – 2am

Last date for submission of candidate spending returns

10 June 2022

Informal checks

Once a potential City candidate has completed their nomination papers, we offer the option of an informal check before they are officially submitted. Please contact us to book an appointment at the Guildhall and allow half an hour per candidate.

Formal submission

City nomination papers can be submitted to a member of the Returning Officers staff after the informal check has been completed. If you do not require an informal check or have had to make amendments after one has been carried out, you can submit your papers at the place and times stated on the Notice of Election. Please note that Guildhall customer service staff cannot accept a nomination paper, you must deliver to a member of the Returning Officer’s staff.


Please read the following guidance:

  1. The Electoral Commission guidance
  2. pdf A Worcester guide for candidates and agents (232 KB)
  3. pdf Guidance on your campaign and on Tellers (702 KB)

Candidate forms

All candidate forms are available for download from the Electoral Commission website. We have gathered them into one convenient location and made some minor amendments to make them more user friendly for Worcester candidates, you can still use the Electoral Commission versions if you prefer.

The Returning Officer can print these forms for you to collect from the Elections office upon request.

Please contact the elections team if you have any further queries.