Direct Debit Fundraising

Charitable organisations that carry out face-to-face fundraising in the City by asking people to sign up to make regular donations via Direct Debit do not require a licence from the Council under current legislation.

The Council has, however, entered into a co-regulatory voluntary arrangement with the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) to regulate this type of activity in the City, and Direct Debit fundraising is controlled by means of a "Site Mangement Agreement" (SMA) between the PFRA and the Council. The SMA can be downloaded from the PFRA website here: "Site Management Agreement between PFRA and Worcester City Council".

The SMA describes the sites in the City that may be used for Direct Debit collecting and the conditions collectors have to comply with when they are there. The PFRA ensures that direct debit collectors comply with the SMA conditions.

Further information and complaints

Further information on this form of fundraising and how the PFRA regulate it can be found on the PFRA website.

Complaints about direct debit collections in the City can be made either directly to the PFRA or to Worcestershire Regulatory Services acting on behalf of Worcester City Council.