By driving in a slightly different way, you can increase your car's fuel efficiency, saving money and reducing your impact on the environment.

Follow these simple steps to improve the efficiency of your vehicle:

  • Drive smoothly, avoiding harsh acceleration and heavy breaking wherever possible
  • Changing to a higher gear as soon as possible can reduce fuel consumption by 15%
  • Drive off immediately when starting from cold as idling to heat the engine wastes fuel and causes rapid engine wear
  • Remove the roof rack when not in use as they increase drag significantly
  • Use air conditioning sparingly as it significantly increases fuel consumption
  • Avoid using the car for short journeys as a cold engine uses almost twice as much fuel while catalytic converters can take five miles to become effective
  • Sticking to the speed limits can make your fuel go further, driving at 70mph uses up to 30% more fuel than at 50mph
  • Plan your journeys to avoid congestion, roadworks or getting lost
  • Check your tyre pressure regularly as under-inflated tyres wear out more quickly and can increase fuel consumption by up to 3%
  •  If you are stuck in traffic, switch off your engine while stationary for any length of time.

Source: Energy Saving Trust. For more information visit The Energy Saving Trust or call 0845 602 1425