Flooding Information


We will monitor flood levels along with the Environment Agency which provides regular updates on its Floodline service. We will keep an eye on roads and houses where we anticipate flooding will occur.

Do not under any circumstances be tempted to enter flood water. The flow of a swollen river along with its under-current can be very powerful. Flood water may contain raw sewage which can lead to health problems.

You can get the latest information on flooding in Worcester at:


Further information on flooding

  • The Environment Agency provide comprehensive information on flooding and flooding related issues. Please visit their website for guidance. 
  • Get wise to rising water - Flooding can be extremely distressing. To help you cope with associated problems this simple guide outlines the services Worcester City Council and Worcestershire County Council's Highways Department will offer in the event of a flood. These services are free to residential properties; a charge is normally made for services to commercial properties.
  • Checking traffic - When traffic has to be diverted the Highways Department will organise closures and alternative routes. The Highways Department will pass on all traffic news to local radio stations so please tune in.
  • A place to rest - We will provide emergency rest centre accommodation if you have to evacuate your home and we will work with the Police to help you move. We will help place vulnerable people in temporary accommodation if required. Please think ahead and contact the Council for advice.
  • Cleaning up - The city council and the Highways Department will work to clean up the highways and get them back into use as soon as the flooding has receded.  We can also offer advice on cleaning up your property after a flood.
  • Public Health England - Flooding: Advice for the public (PDF)
  • NHS Choices - Flood: cleaning up and food hygiene

National Flood Forum

The National Flood Forum is a national charity dedicated to supporting and representing communities and individuals at risk of flooding. They do this by:

  1. Helping people to prepare for flooding in order to prevent it or mitigate its impacts
  2. Helping people to recover their lives once they have been flooded
  3. Campaigning on behalf of flood risk communities and working with government and agencies to ensure that they develop a community perspective.

Contacting us

If you need any of these services call the Council on 01905 722233, office hours only.

The out of hours emergency number is 01562 733178.

Useful contact numbers

Floodline (The Environment Agency):  08459 881 188

West Mercia Police: 0300 333 3000

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service: 999

Severn Trent Water: 0800 783 4444

Please tune into local radio for regular updates

  • BBC Hereford & Worcester 94.7, 104 or 104.6 FM
  • Free Radio 96.7, 97.6 or 102.8 FM

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