How to Apply for Social Housing

Home Choice Plus has been developed by a number of Local Authorities and Housing Associations working in partnership. This is a way of looking for and allocating affordable housing and other options such as private rents and intermediate rents across the Local Authority areas.

Home Choice Plus 

Home Choice Plus

How do I register for the scheme?

You will need to fill in a housing application form to register. You can pick one up of these forms from the organizations listed below or you can fill in a form on line or download a form at .

 You will be given a registration number and your application will be placed into a band, based on your housing need and local connections.

 Once you have been notified of your registration number and banding you will be able to bid for properties. 

How do I find out when properties are available?

Vacant properties will be advertised each week by Home Choice Plus .You will find them advertised by the organizations listed below, on

 How do I make a bid?

You can bid for properties in a number of ways. You will need to have ready your registration number, date of birth and the property reference number(s) you wish to bid on.  

  • By Telephone using the automated bidding line 0845 270 0557
  • By Texting using your mobile phone to: 07781 486 644 Giving your registration number (e.g. 12345)  space date of birth (e.g.16/03/1975) space property reference number (e.g.336699)

If you wish to add a second or third bid your text should look like this: 

12345 16/0/1975 336699 445566 554433

A reply is automated to your inbox, to

a) confirm you are eligible for the property

b) confirm that your bid has been accepted

c) your current bidding position

  • DigiTV (Wychavon area only) – for Sky users Press the Interactive button /Select TV Keys from the menu /Enter 9988   with the remote control
  • In person at any of the partners' offices listed above.

When can I bid for a property?

Vacant properties will be advertised each Tuesday morning. You can bid until 12pm, midnight the following Monday. This is called the weekly bidding cycle.

How many properties can I bid for?

You can make up to 3 bids each week as long as you match what the adverts asks for.

Bids must be on separate properties for which you are eligible.

If you change your mind, you can withdraw a bid and re-bid on a different property at any time throughout the bidding cycle.

Are there any other reasons I may not be able to bid?

You may not be able to bid for properties, if you do not match the criteria the adverts asks for (e.g. If you on a 2 bed property and you do not have children you do not match the criteria so will not be offered the property) 

I am a Housing Association Tenant, can I bid for properties?

If you are an existing Housing Association tenant, within the Home Choice Plus areas and are seeking a move, you will need to register with Home Choice Plus.

How quickly will I be housed?

This will depend on your housing need, the availability of the types of properties you need and also the area(s) you are considering.

You will have longer to wait for the more popular properties or areas.

If you do not bid for properties you cannot be considered for them , so it is important to be active in the Home Choice Plus scheme.