Our Vision

City Life Lettings is a local letting agency formed by Worcester City Council. Since 2010 we have worked with local landlords to help create sustainable tenancies for families in housing need.

We recognise that many families want to benefit from the choice, speed and flexibility that the private rented sector offers, but for various reasons (such as initial costs) they are unable to access this. City Life lettings is a way to help families overcome barriers to access the private rented sector.

Information for Landlords

Why Choose City Life Lettings?

  • We offer an assisted letting service at a competitive price.
  • We will provide a written bond equal to five weeks rent.
  • We work closely with the tenant to help them sustain their tenancy long-term.
  • Minimal risk of void periods due to the high demand for housing.
  • You will be invited to the Worcester City Councils Landlords Forum so you can learn and share your experiences with other professionals

What We Offer

  • A Housing Health and Safety Rating (HHSRS) Assessment of your property to ensure it meets legal standards.
  • Marketing of the property within our Housing Department and on the Home Choice Plus Website.
  • Tenant affordability/ suitability assessment.
  • Accompanied viewings.
  • Access to high level advice from dedicated City Life Lettings officers.
  • A deposit bond equal to five weeks rent.
  • Fully comprehensive inventory with photographs.
  • Completion of the tenancy agreement and any subsequent tenancy renewals.
  • Quarterly tenancy inspections.
  • Support to tenant to ensure sustainability of tenancy.
  • Provision of Section 21 and Section 8 notice should the landlord wish to take back possession of their property for any reason.
  • Exit inspection when the tenancy ends.

What landlords say

"Having attempted a self-managed let I was totally disillusioned; problems with the maintenance of the flat, demands from the tenants, and a mountain of paperwork were taking up a lot of my time and my patience was at breaking point. Now my rental income remains stable as any issues with tenants' Housing Benefit are quickly resolved and vacant periods are minimal."

"Right through from advice on the location of properties that I am interested in to the final interview and completion of leases, I have always found City Life lettings to be extremely helpful. I would thoroughly recommend anyone interested in renting out a property to talk to the department."

"Your agency provided a choice of tenants and I was able to select the ones that I felt happy to work with. It has given me the security that I will receive my rent regularly and on time."

Do you have a property to let?

If so, we'd like to hear from you!

01905 721155/ 722198

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is City Life Lettings suitable for me?

City Life lettings is suitable for landlords who recognise the need for good quality private rented accommodation, want to let long-term, are happy to accept tenants who may be in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, and who want a social return on their investment.

  • What type of properties are required?

We need 1, 2 and 3 bedroom unfurnished self-contained properties that are located within Worcester City. 

We cannot accept Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) or shared accommodation onto our scheme. If you have a HMO to let you can contact Smartmove, a letting agency run my CAB/ WHABAC in Worcester.

  • Are all tenants on Housing Benefit?

Housing Benefit has been replaced by Universal Credit. Not all tenants are in receipt of Universal Credit, and some are not in receipt of benefits at all. Tenants do not have to be in receipt of benefits to be eligible for the scheme. For more information on Universal Credit see Advice for Landlords

  • Who decides how much the rent should be?

As the landlord you have the ultimate decision on setting the rent, however, we would encourage rents to be affordable, and would advise landlords to refer to the local housing allowance rates as a guide. These can be found 

  • Do you guarantee the rent?

This scheme does not guarantee the rent. However, we will work closely with you and your tenant to help ensure the tenancy runs smoothly.

  • Who chooses the tenant?

As the landlord you have the ultimate decision on who you choose to let your property to. After shortlisting potential tenants and carrying out the relevant suitability checks, we will offer you accompanied viewings, after which you can select a tenant.

  • What if something goes wrong?

We understand that from time to time things will go wrong, which is why we offer high level advice and assistance from dedicated officers. We conduct quarterly inspection visits to enable us to pick up on and deal with any issues that may arise. As the landlord of the property you have the final say as to whether you wish to end a tenancy and regain possession of your property. In this case we will support you with advice and provide you with the relevant legal notice documents.

  • What does the deposit bond cover?

The deposit bond covers uninsured loss and damages caused by the tenant and any rent arrears accrued during the tenancy.

The deposit bond does not cover wear and tear, damage or deterioration caused by ordinary use of the property.

The deposit bond does not cover unpaid utility bills or council tax.

Damages caused to communal areas will not be considered unless conclusive proof is provided that the damage was caused solely by the tenant.

Damaged items that do not appear on the inventory are not covered by the scheme.

The deposit bond does not cover deliberate damage or theft caused by the tenant if not   reported to the police.

You can only claim up to the amount specified on the deposit agreement.

  • Are there any conditions to join the scheme?

To join the scheme we will need to check that your property has:

  • Proof of ownership and consent to let by any interested parties e.g. mortgage company.
  • A general good state of repair and condition.
  • Gas Safety Certificate (dated within 12 months).
  • Electrical Inspection Condition Report EICR (dated within 5 years).
  • Energy Performance Certificate ‘EPC’ (Rated A – E).
  • Working smoke alarms on all habitable levels of the property.
  • Working Carbon Monoxide Detector (if gas is supplied, and in any room where there is a solid fuel burning appliance).
  • Completed legionella assessment.
  • Soft furnishings must comply with fire regulations and show the correct labels.

Information for Tenants

In areas like Worcester City where social housing is in huge demand, the private rented sector offers choice, speed and flexibility. However, we understand that there can be many barriers to obtaining an assured shorthold tenancy such as upfront costs, credit checks, or being in receipt of means-tested benefits.

City Life Lettings is a local lettings agency set up by Worcester City Council to assist families in housing need to access housing in the private rented sector. We match suitable tenants with available privately rented properties and provide a deposit bond equal to five weeks rent.

In order to be eligible for the scheme you need to:

  • Be homeless or threatened with homelessness
  • Have a local connection to Worcester City
  • Have savings of less than £1000
  • Not own your own home
  • Not have a secure tenancy elsewhere

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness please contact the Housing Advice Team

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a deposit bond and how can it help me?

The deposit bond means that you do not have to pay a cash deposit when moving into a private rented property. Instead, Worcester City Council will provide a written agreement equivalent to 5 weeks rent which the landlord can claim on at the end of the tenancy in the event of any rent arrears, loss or damage. 

  1. Are there any costs for using the service?

You will not be charged for using the service, however, you will be re-charged for any claims made against the deposit bond.

You will also be offered a ‘jam jar’ account with Worcester City Council where you can contribute small monthly payments with the aim that eventually you can replace the deposit bond with your own cash deposit. As an added incentive, Worcester City Council will contribute £20 for every £100 you pay (up to a total of £100).

Contact Details

For further information contact the Private Sector Access Officers:

  • Mandy Furlong: 01905 721155
  • Kate Stevenson-Pugh: 01905 722198
  • Claire Moran: 01905 722198

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