Worcester city centre masterplan

Comprehensive masterplan for the city centre extending to 2040’s providing a planning framework and guiding public and private investment.

City Centre - Riverside

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Welcome to the city centre masterplan which will create:

  • A successful and growing Cathedral and University City, with more homes, businesses and jobs.
  • A City with prestige tourist, education and retail attractions.
  • A place that maintains its “city in the country” feel, its valued heritage assets and environmental quality.

The masterplan defines key development and public realm projects that can have transformational impact on Worcester. The masterplan can provide the following headline figures:

Food and beverages Up to 75 new bars, cafes and restaurants
Retail Up to 20,000 m2 new retail space
Residential Between 2,000 and 2,350 new residential units
Office/Employment Up to 110,000 m new office and employment space
Education Up to 16,000 m2 new knowledge and innovation space
Leisure Up to 15,000 m2 new leisure space
Hotel Two new hotels providing up to 15,000 m2 space

A vision for Worcester

Draft city centre masterplan consultation document

Please read the draft city centre masterplan consultation document before completing the questionnaire.



To help us develop and fine tune the draft Worcester city centre masterplan, we would be very grateful if you could take the time to answer the following questions.

Complete the questionnaire

All comments made will be analysed and the results published once this consultation period ends.  Your views will be contributing to the long term future of Worcester city centre.

Closing date: 7 November 2018

Draft full documents

  1. Masterplan - Chapter 1 (6.2 Mb)
  2. Masterplan - Chapter 2 (49.5 Mb)
  3. Masterplan - Chapter 3 (4 Mb)
  4. Masterplan - Chapter 4.1 (29 Mb)
  5. Masterplan - Chapter 4.2 (22.5 Mb)
  6. Masterplan - Chapter 4.3 (23 Mb)
  7. Masterplan - Chapter 4.4 (21 Mb)
  8. Masterplan - Chapter 5 (0.5 Mb)
  9. Appendix 1 - Literature Review (2.1 Mb) 
  10. Appendix 2 - Heritage Analysis (18.9 Mb)
  11. Appendix 3 - Summary of Engagement (10.8 Mb)