Pay your Council Tax at the corner shop

Worcester residents can now pay their Council Tax at their local shop, thanks to a trial scheme that’s been launched by Worcester City Council.

The Council, in line with other local authorities across the country, has hooked up with national payment network PayPoint to give residents more flexibility in how they make cash payments for their Council Tax, Business Rates or Housing Benefit overpayment invoices.

Until now cash payments have only been accepted at the payment kiosks at The Hive. The trial with PayPoint opens up the option to make payments at your local Post Office and at around 80 small retails across Worcester.

Shane Flynn, City Council Director of Resources and Governance, said: “We want to make paying Council Tax and other bills as easy as possible, and we’re hoping that this trial of the PayPoint service will prove a success with Worcester people. If it does, we hope to able to extend it to cover other payments to the City Council.”

Other payments that could be added to PayPoint in the future might include fees for garden waste collections, temporary accommodation and parking fines.

Find your nearest shop with a PayPoint terminal.

Worcester City Council is committed to expanding payment options for its services. In addition to the PayPoint trial, the Council has also recently launched online payments for alcohol, entertainment and taxi licenses at

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