Tell us what it’s like to live in your area – so we can help to strengthen local communities

Worcester City Council has launched an extensive consultation to find out more about local people’s sense of belonging and well-being and degree of contact with family, friends and neighbours.It will also assess the impact many individuals make by offering time and skills to improve their local community.

The broad-ranging survey aims to help strengthen local communities in the future by identifying areas where isolation and community cohesion are issues.It also seeks to identify any barriers which stop residents getting involved with groups and activities which aim to improve their local area.

“The results of this survey will give us a much clearer, up-to-date picture of how connected and strong our communities really are – so that the City Council can target its resources to where they are most needed in future,” said Cllr Lynn Denham, Vice Chair of Worcester City Council’s Communities Committee.

“Please share the survey link with friends, families and other contacts – the more people who participate, the better our understanding will be of the kind of support local people want or need in their neighbourhood.”

The City Council has appointed Oakham Research to run the survey and evaluate the results.The survey was officially launched at two receptions held at the Guildhall on 25 and 26 January, where the Mayor of Worcester formally thanked over 200 local volunteers for their contribution.

The survey is live and will be open until the end of February 2018.  Answers provided by individuals will be confidential.

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