Planning: Authorities' Monitoring Reports

Authorities' Monitoring Reports (AMRs)

South Worcestershire Development Plan

This Authorities’ Monitoring Report (AMR) has been jointly prepared by Malvern Hills District Council, Worcester City Council and Wychavon District Council.

The SWDP Authorities’ Monitoring Report covers the period 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

The report monitors the policies of the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) which was adopted on 25 February 2016. This is the first annual monitoring report. It includes, amongst other things,  information on housing completions, and progress on the development of allocated sites. It also monitors progress on associated local development documents e.g. Supplementary Planning Documents; and Neighbourhood Plans. Hard copies, for reference only will be available for viewing at the main local libraries and customer services centres.

Housing Land Monitor

The Housing Land Monitor  is the principal information source for annual housing land supply updates within Worcester City.  The HLM contains analysis of the housing land situation as a position statement every April.  It examines the trend in housing completions, progress in the provision of affordable housing and the contributions towards the supply of housing on previously developed land.  This report examines Worcester City’s supply of available and deliverable housing land, and provides an update on our five year housing land supply position.  The status of each site is obtained from site surveys carried out by planning officers in the spring of each reporting year.

This report has been produced to take into account the continued work of Malvern Hills District Council, Worcester City Council and Wychavon District Council's joint working role in monitoring the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP), and tracking progress towards meeting the housing requirements of South Worcestershire from 2006 to 2030.

Employment Land Monitor

The Employment Land Monitor (ELM) is the principle source of information for reporting on employment land development within Worcester City each year and contributes to the Council's primary monitoring document, the Authority Monitoring Report (AMR).

The ELM is used to assess progress towards meeting the employment land allocation requirement for Worcester City as part of the now adopted South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP).

The report outlines the details of individual employment sites with the benefit of planning permission that have either been constructed, are under construction or remain outstanding and reports on the overall supply of available employment land in the district for the monitoring year. The status of each site is obtained from individual site checks carried out by planning officers in the spring of each year.

Employment sites are those that fall within Class B of the Use Classes Order and are defined as Class B1 – Business (including offices not within Class A2, research and development, studios, laboratories, hi technology uses and light industry); Class B2 –General industry; and Class B8 – Storage or Distribution (wholesale warehouses, repositories).

Retail Monitor

The Retail Monitor report provides detailed background information about retail premises within those retail centres identified in the adopted Local Plan, the South Worcestershire Development Plan adopted in February 2016.

The Retail Monitor us used to assess the viability of identified shopping centres and the impact of the retail policies within the SWDP, principally policies SWDP9 and SWDP10, on the health of retailing with Worcester.

Developer Contribution Monitor

The Developer Contributions Monitor provides accessible information about Worcester City Councils use of developer contributions arising as a result of approved development.

This report documents the progress of developer contributions from the signing of a Section 106 agreement to the actual spending of a developer contribution. It also lists potential open space infrastructure projects that could be funded from future developer contributions should these arise as a result of planned or windfall development.

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Planning: How Do I Search for a Planning Application?

Searching for a Planning Application?


Our Planning Search service currently offers access to all applications received by the City Council since 1947. It also allows customers to view submitted plans, decision notices and make comments on our undetermined applications. Some useful guidance on how best to use the search service including the facility for electronic measuring of drawings.

The search function is now the only way of viewing planning applications. If you need help viewing applications it is possible to use the public computers on the ground floor of The Hive with the support of Worcestershire Hub Staff.

The City Council has a full record of every planning application since 1947 called The Planning Register. We have two search methods to view all of our planning applications within our planning register.

The Planning Search Service allows interested parties to make representations on undetermined applications, please note that The City Council in accordance with the Data Protection Act will in most cases publish your comments on the Internet including your name and address whilst redacting personal information such as telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures. It is preferable if you comment on a planning application online and it is recommended that you review the advice on making comments before doing so.

If you experience any technical problems when using our webpages then please let us know by email at

Planning Application Search (including the weekly planning lists)

This service is provided subject to terms and conditions by continuing to use the planning application search service you are agreeing to these terms and conditions,

View current planning applications

Important information:  If you are searching an application reference which ends with 'A' i.e.. P16Q0009A then we wish to advise that these have changed to the following format 'letter100number' i.e. P16Q1009.

You can view the weekly lists of applications by simply completing the Received and Decided  date fields - please note that the above fields can remain blank 

Applications received between 1992 - Present Day

Historical Planning Application Search

This service is provided subject to terms and conditions by continuing to use the planning application search service you are agreeing to these terms and conditions,

View historical planning applications

View planning register index cards

Historic planning applications received between 1947 - 1992 (Historical search maybe less detailed)

Planning register index cards between 1947 - March 2016

Public Notices

Weekly Newspaper Advert

Published by Worcester City Council

Please note our webpages will be unavailable between 03:00 - 04:00 daily for routine system maintenance

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Community Safety: Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

Public Space Protection Orders

What is a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)?

A PSPO is an official measure that is an enforceable part of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. PSPOs can be used to protect the public from behaviour that is having, or is likely to have, a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality and is persistent and unreasonable (or likely to be).

What does a PSPO do?

The PSPO can restrict activities in a certain area, e.g. stop access along the footpath in its entirety. A breach of a PSPO is a criminal offence and can be enforced by a police officer, police community support officer and authorised Council officers. A Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £100 can be issued or a fine of up to £1,000 on prosecution. 

Current PSPOs

Worcester City Council (Footpath WR858) Public Spaces Protection Order 1 of 2017.

Following a public consultation on the closure of Footpath WR858 due to anti-social behaviour, Worcester City Council received no objections. The Communities Committee authorised the making of the PSPO on 20 June 2017. The Order comes into force on 7 July 2017 and expires on 6 July 2020.

The effect of the PSPO is to restrict the public right of way over Footpath WR858 at all times to all persons. A person who fails, without reasonable excuse, to comply with the PSPO will be committing an offence and will be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale or a fixed penalty notice of up to £100.

Proposed Public Space Protection Order for Dogs

Worcester City Council is aware that clean streets are one of the most important priorities for residents and visitors in Worcester City.  Dog fouling continues to be a concern to local residents, although we are aware that it continues to be a minority of dog owners who do not behave responsibly in public areas.  The council wishes to use all the powers available to it to ensure that public spaces remain clear of dog fouling.  

The council is therefore consulting on its plan to introduce a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) relating to dogs in the City.  If introduced, the PSPO will require any person in charge of a dog to immediately remove any dog faeces and prevent dogs to be taken into areas that are clearly marked as ‘dog exclusion areas’.  Any person found, by an authorised person, to be in breach of these requirements will commit an offence and could be dealt with either by way of a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution in the magistrate’s court.

The council recognises that, for those who use an assistance dog, these requirements are not reasonable and therefore they will exempt from the requirements of the PSPO.
The City Council wishes to address issues relating to dogs through education and awareness raising, and will therefore promote the PSPO, (should it be adopted), in the following ways:
  • Published media such as the City Life magazine, residents and parish newsletters, press release and on site notice boards
  • Social media through corporate accounts on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Reference material will be added to the City Council website.
  • If required on site signage will be designed and installed on popular walks and open spaces in response to consistently high reports of dog fouling.
If you would like more information about the PSPO you can read more details of the proposed order:-

Before making its final decision to introduce the PSPO, the council wants to hear from the public.  Do you agree with the introduction of the PSPO relating to dogs?  Do you think it is not a big enough problem to require an order?  Please tell us what you think.

Closing date: 5 March 2018

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Council: Management Structure

Management Structure

Managing Director

Name: David Blake
Telephone: 01905 722200
Twitter: @davidblakeworc

David became Managing Director of Worcester City Council in March 2017. With 15 years' experience working all over the world in the manufacturing sector and almost 20 years in the public sector working in chief executive, executive and non-executive director roles prior to joining Worcester City Council, David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organisation.

David has worked on some of the largest and most successful multi-agency infrastructure, innovation, business support and skills programmes in the West Midlands. These include the i54 business park (home of the Jaguar Land Rover near Wolverhampton), the automotive research and development centre developed by Warwick Manufacturing Group, the West Midlands-wide £30m Modernisation and Diversification programme, and new college campuses in Walsall and Sandwell.

As a non-executive director of Urban Regeneration Companies in Walsall and Sandwell, David played a key role in these businesses during their formative years and has a strong track record of award-winning success in public sector organisational development.

Key responsibilities

Overall responsibility for managing the Authority, including organisational development, development of shared culture and values, oversight of corporate and service standards, advice on strategic direction with Members, and representing the City Council with partners at sub regional, regional and national level.

Corporate Director, Finance & Resources

Shane Flynn

Name: Shane Flynn
Telephone: 01905 722536

Shane qualified with CIPFA as an Audit Commission trainee, working across several London Boroughs and teaching hospitals.  He moved into Value for Money studies based in London and the South East and later Wales and the Marches, including Shropshire, Hereford, Gloucester and Worcester.

Joining CIPFA in 2000, Shane ran a series of workshop-based support networks covering e-Government, Every Child Matters and Counter-Fraud, before re-joining the Audit Commission to deliver Use of Resources and Performance Management audits across Oxfordshire, Bucks and Milton Keynes.

He moved to Dacorum Borough Council as Assistant Director of Finance in 2010, then undertook a two-year secondment as Assistant Director of Policy and Performance to oversee the transition to a new location and an internal transformation programme based on flexible working. In 2014 he combined both roles by moving to Broxtowe Borough Council in Nottingham as Deputy Chief Executive, before moving back across the Midlands to join Worcester in 2017.

Key Accountabilities

Overall responsibility for a range of professional support services including Finance Services, Internal Audit, Legal Services, Strategy & Transformation, Human Resources, Property, Asset Management, and Revenues & Benefits. Also responsible for providing strategic and financial advice to members, representing the City Council  with partners at sub regional and regional level, and delivering the Council's values and objectives through the Corporate Management Team.

Corporate Director, Commissioning and Delivery

Rose Rouse

Name: Rose Rouse
Telephone: 01905 722371

Rose started her public sector career in the police service working as a researcher. She joined Harrogate Borough Council in 1999 as Corporate Policy Officer and then Performance and Policy Manager, leading on the corporate arrangements for Best Value, performance management and community engagement.

In 2005 she became Yorkshire and Humber Local Government Improvement Manager before being promoted to Head of Service with responsibility for the commissioning and delivery of the £5.35m Regional Capacity Building Programme at Local Government Yorkshire & Humber. In this role she was the regional lead on health and social care, waste management and leisure and culture policy. 

After working in her own consultancy business, Rose moved to Selby District Council in 2009 where she worked in Head of Service and Director roles with responsibility for environmental and leisure services, commissioning, strategic partnerships, policy, corporate performance, customers and communities.

Key Accountabilities

Lead director for the council’s community and operational services as well as commissioning and contract management. Also responsible for leading on transformation and performance improvement across the Council, the programme management office and arrangements for customers. Chair of the South Worcestershire Community Safety Partnership, spanning the districts of Worcester City, Malvern Hills and Wychavon.

Corporate Director, Place

Andrew Round

Name: Andrew Round
Telephone: 01905 72 524

Andrew started his career in local government in economic development before moving into consultancy, firstly with the economics and policy consultancy ECOTEC and then at the property consultancy GVA Grimley (now GVA). He worked for public and private sector clients across planning, regeneration and development, bringing large projects and sites through the planning system.

After 14 years in the private sector and having risen to being a Partner at GVA, Andrew returned to local government at Birmingham City Council, becoming Assistant Director for Planning and Development. He worked on major regeneration projects such as the redevelopment of New Street Station and the development of Paradise Circus. Andrew led on the creation of the City Centre Enterprise Zone (the largest in the UK) and the development of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) across the city centre.

Andrew’s most recent role in local government before joining Worcester was at Cheshire East, managing property, regeneration and strategic housing. He also led on the development of the HS2 Growth Strategy for the sub-region and the associated economic, spatial and financial work that supported it.

Key Accountabilities

Overall responsibility for delivering improvements to Worcester in physical and economic terms, leading on City Plan objectives to increase business growth and the numbers of high-skilled jobs in the city, and to continue to enhance our city centre and riverside. Responsible for implementing the South Worcestershire Development Plan and other planning policy matters, and for supporting the local economy. Leads efforts to improve the city’s sports, leisure and retail offers, and to capitalise on Worcester’s history and heritage.

Pay Policy Statement

Read our Pay Policy Statement.

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Recycling & Waste: Garden Waste FAQs

Garden Waste Collection Service FAQs

Garden Waste Collection Service

Can I have more than one bin?

Yes, you will need to pay the subscription fee for each bin. You need only pay the £10 registration charge once.

When will my first collection be once my bin is delivered?

When we deliver your bin, you will be provided with a calendar and letter notifying you of your collection day and collection week (either week one or week two). Please use the calendar to check for your first collection day.

How long does my subscription last for?

12 months from the first collection day, this week is known as your "anniversary date".

How will I know when my subscription has run out?

You will be notified in writing one month before your annual subscription runs out. Payment must be made before your annual subscription date for your collections to continue.

What happens if I do not pay for the following year and my subscription runs out?

If payment is not received, collections will be suspended on your anniversary date. If you further fail to pay by your second scheduled collection after your anniversary date then the service will be cancelled and your bin removed.

If my bin is taken away and then I decide that I would like to take up the service again, will I have to pay the registration fee again?


Can I have a refund if I change my mind about the service and decide I do not want it any more?

Part refunds are not available if you cancel the service during the year.

What if I move house within Worcester?

You must notify the City Council as soon as possible. The bin should not be removed from the property without agreement from the City Council. If you wish to take it with you, you can get agreement from the City Council first, by contacting the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 722233.

I no longer require the service.

Please contact us at the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 722233 and we will arrange collection of the bin. There are no refunds for collections not made, due to early cancellation.

I am moving out of the City, can I take the bin with me?

No. The bin belongs to Worcester City Council. Please let us know when you are moving, so that we can arrange collection of the bin from the property.

Are there any concessions for elderly or disabled people?

Sorry, there are no concessions.

I currently have an assisted collection for my bins. Will I be able to have the same help if I subscribe to the Garden Waste scheme?

Yes, the brown wheelie bin for garden waste will be collected from wherever your black or green bin is currently collected.

I am not able to have wheelie bins where I live, can I join this scheme?

No, we are unable to collect garden waste in sacks.

Can I share a bin with a neighbour?

Yes - but your bin must be registered and collected from the same household. It is then up to the neighbours to sort out sharing the bin and the costs.

My bin has not been collected, what should I do?

Please check your calendar to make sure your bin was due to be collected. Was your bin put out for collection before 7.00am? Has your bin been left in the correct location? Is your bin contaminated or over-weight? Has a tag been left explaining why?

If your bin has been missed, no tag has been left, your bin was out before 7:00am and in the correct location, please report your missed bin here or contact the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 722233

I have been told that my bin is contaminated, what can I do now?

See the information on the tag, remove the contamination and re-present your bin on your next scheduled collection. You have the option to take the contents to one of the Household Waste and Recycling Sites in the meantime.

My bin is getting really dirty, will the Council clean it?

It is your responsibility to clean your bin. The Council does not offer a cleaning service nor recommends any companies that carry out a service like this.

What happens to the garden waste that is collected?

The waste will be taken to a composting facility at Hill and Moor near Pershore. There is also a second site being sought in Herefordshire for the future. Garden waste collected from household collections is composted at the site, resulting in a soil conditioner called "Greengrow". It is available for sale by bags from Household Recycling Centres and bulk loads from Hill and Moor.

Please phone 01386 443376 to check availability.

I am new to the area where should I leave my bin for collection?

Your bin should be placed on the front edge of your property on the day of collection by 7:00am. If you are in any doubt, please contact the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 722233 for further advice.

What am I allowed and what am I not allowed to put in my bin?

A list of what you can and cannot put into your bin is detailed in the leaflet and this information is also on the lid of your bin.

You can put all of your compostable garden waste in a brown 240 litre wheelie bin. It takes lawn cuttings, hedge clippings, leaves, twigs, dead flowers, old plants and as many weeds as you can dig up.

Also remember that your garden waste service crew have to be able to move your bin safely; while we will take fallen fruit, please be mindful of the weight of your bin.

You cannot put in kitchen or food waste (food, peelings, tea bags, egg shells etc.), plastic bags, pots or trays, pet bedding – soiled or otherwise, rubble bricks, soil or stones, tree stumps or branches over 10cm (4") in diameter.

Garden Waste yes and nos'

What can I do with my green waste during winter months?

You can take garden waste to your local Household Waste Site for composting. Please see information on recycling bring sites in the City.

What happens if my bin is damaged?

If your bin is damaged please report it here or contact the Worcestershire Hub on 01905 722233 and we will arrange for a replacement.  Please note that if you have damaged your bin you may be liable for the cost of a replacement.

I have a business; can I opt into the scheme?

The service is only available to addresses in Worcester registered for domestic Council Tax. Business customers are not eligible.

Will the registration fee and annual service charge increase each year?

The registration fee and annual service charge may increase each year. The revised charges are agreed by the Council each year and apply from 1st April – 31st March.

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Pay for it

Worcester City Council - Pay On-line

Make a payment

Pay online now

Pay online now

Welcome to the Worcester City Council on-line payments service.

For information about this service please see the lists below.

To make a payment now you can go straight to our secure payments page. You will need your debit or credit card and the reference number shown on your bill or invoice.

What services can I pay for on-line?

You can pay on-line for:

  • Council Tax
  • Parking Penalty Charges Notices
  • Garden Waste Collection
  • Invoices
  • Housing Benefit Overpayment invoices
  • Business Rates
  • BID (Business Improvement District)
  • Fixed Penalty Notice e.g. litter/smoking fines
  • Temporary Accommodation

Pay by credit or debit card:

  1. Pay On-line facility on this Website
  2. Using our 24 hour automated telephone payment service on 0300 333 9942
    (not available for Garden Waste or BID payments)
  3. At our Customer Service Centre at:

    The Hive,
    Sawmill Walk,
    The Butts,
    Worcester WR1 3PB

    between 9am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

You can pay using any of these cards:

Credit cards

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Debit cards

  • Visa
  • Electron
  • Switch or Maestro
    (International Maestro cards are not accepted over the web, as this is a customer present only card)

We CANNOT accept payment by:

  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • JCB Card

How will I know if my payment has been successful?

When you have finished entering your card details and confirmed you want to continue with the payment, there will be a short delay while your card details are validated.

If your payment is successful, a receipt will be displayed which includes a transaction reference number. Please keep a record of this number.

If an error occurs, your payment will not be processed and a message explaining why will be displayed.

When will my payment show on the Council's records?

Payments you make up to midnight on any working day (Monday to Friday) will normally be allocated to your account with the council by the next working day.

Payments made after this time, or at weekends and on Bank Holidays will normally be allocated to your account by the second working day. For example, if you pay on Sunday your account will not show the payment until Tuesday.

Is my information secure?

The city council uses a secure server to receive your payment card details. The card details are processed by a third party who are certified to meet the latest security standards required by the banks. No card details are held by the council.

What if the secure payments page is not available?

We aim to keep the on-line payments service working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have difficulty making a payment please let us know:

Telephone: 01905 722233 between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Pay online now

Pay online now

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Council Tax-Pay my council tax

Pay my council tax

Pay online

Pay by credit or debit card.


Pay by Direct Debit

Set up a Direct Debit online  or download an application form

You can choose whether the Direct Debit is taken on the 1st, 10th, 15th, 25th of the month.


Pay in person

Visit our contact centre

You can pay by cash, debit or credit card.


Pay by telephone

Call 0300 333 9942.

Your Bill

The Council issues a bill to all households and businesses in March which shows how much you have to pay each month. .

If your circumstances change or you move house during the year must let the Council know straight away so that your bill can be adjusted accordingly.
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Pay your Business Rates

Paying your Council Tax or Business Rates bill.

You can pay the Council Tax or Business Rates by monthly instalments. Your bill will show the amounts you have to pay and the date of each instalment.

Direct Debit

  • The easiest way to pay Council Tax or Business Rates is by Direct Debit.
  • More than 25,000 people in Worcester already pay this way
  • It can save you time, effort and money
  • You can choose to pay on the 1st, 10th, 15th or 25th of the month, whichever suits you best
  • If you have a bank account all you need to do is give us the details and we will do the rest.

Paying by direct Debit - the easiest way to pay your bill is by Direct Debit.  Just Contact us and we will be able to offer you a choice of payment dates each month. 

Alternatively you can set up your direct debit instructions by applying online  or by downloading an application form here.  

At our Customer Service Centre

  • You can pay by cash, cheque, debit card or credit card

Customer Service Centre
The Hive
Sawmill Walk
The Butts
Worcester WR1 3PB

Tel : 01905 722233

How to find us

We are open


Opening Times


9:00 - 5:00


9:00 - 5:00


9:00 - 5.00


9:00 - 5.00


9:00 - 5.00


9.00 - 12.00 (Midday)




Automated telephone payment system

You can pay by debit card or credit card 24 hours a day. 7 days a week, using our automated telephone payment system. Just dial 0300 333 9942 and follow the instructions. Please note that there is an additional small charge for payments made by credit card.

Internet Payments

You can pay by debit card or credit card at any time using the payment facility on this website. Make a payment.

By post

Please make your cheque payable to 'Worcester City Council', write your Council Tax account number on the back and send it to:

Revenues and Benefits,
PO Box 11,
WR10 1PU

Your Bill

The Council issues a bill to all households and businesses in March at the start of each financial year and shows how much you have to pay each month. The service of this bill (or demand) places a duty on the person named on the bill to pay as notified.

Where your circumstances change or you move house during the financial year, you should let the Council know straight away so that your bill can be adjusted accordingly.

The bill will show how the charge is calculated including elements for precepting authorities / organisations e.g. the fire brigade. It will also show any discounts / exemptions or benefits you have applied for and the Council believes you are entitled to.

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HMO Licence Application Process

HMO Licence Application Process

The deadline to submit an online application is midnight 30 November 2015. After this date you will be deemed 'unlicensed'

This is the process your application will follow as it moves towards the granting of an HMO licence.

If you are unsure whether you need a HMO licence, you can check here Or view the flowchart below.

Flowchart that indicates whether a HMO licence is required or not.

Step 1 - Prepare to apply for your licence


If you do not provide the correct information when asked or do not upload the relevant documents, your application will be rejected. It is therefore very important that you have the relevant information and documents to hand BEFORE you start your online application.

  • Basic Disclosure Certificate – the licence holder must provide a Basic Disclosure with their licence application. The licence holder must upload this certificate to their application within 28 days of submission. See step 2 below for how to apply. 
  • Planning permission – planning permission may be required in order to use a property as an HMO. HMO licensing does not grant exemption from the need to obtain planning permission. You will need planning permission for the following scenarios before you let the house as an HMO. Please note that planning permission may or may not be approved.
    • To change the use of a house to a large (Sui generis use class) HMO, which consists of more than six unrelated individuals sharing basic amenities (planning permission has always been required for this change of use)
    • To change the use of a house from a single family dwelling (Class C3) to a House in Multiple Occupation (Class C4) after 1 July 2014 - Article 4 Direction

      To work out how you are affected by Article 4 and what you need to do next choose:


      You do not need to apply for planning permission if the dwelling was occupied as an HMO prior to 1 July 2014. You will need to provide proof of this to the Council if you have not already done so.

      If you have already registered your property as an HMO with the Planning Department as part of the introduction of Article 4 or you have already submitted your tenancy agreements to the Housing Team during an application for Accreditation, you do not need to do anything further.

      If you have not already registered your property.

      • When submitting your licence application, please upload a Tenancy Agreement for each tenant who lived in the property for the period covering 1 July 2014.


      You will require planning permission under the Article 4 Direction if the HMO was first occupied as an HMO after 1 July 2014.

      While planning and licensing have separate legislation, we cannot license a property unless it has the proper planning permission or we are satisfied that it does not require planning permission (HMO tenanted prior to 1 July 2014).

      • Please provide planning reference number
      • By completing the online application form you are giving us permission to pass on your information to our Planning Department to check if planning permission has been granted.

      You should contact the Planning department for further information if you are unsure. Planning and licensing have different objectives and separate legislation. You will need to comply with both Article 4 and HMO Licensing.

  • Floor plan – you MUST upload a sketch of a floor plan, including room dimensions (not required to be to scale). See application form for codes to use on your plan. This must also include the location of all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (mark SD and CM on the plan where they are located).
  • Certificates - properties MUST comply with Standards, Conditions and Management Regulations prior to submitting your application. You MUST therefore upload the following current safety certificates and reports where applicable. It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that these documents are kept up to date and made available to tenants at all times. Worcester City Council reserves the right to request a copy of any certificates at any time. These should be sent to the authority within seven days of receiving a written request.
    • Gas Safety Certificate (required for properties with a gas supply)

    • Electrical Safety Certificate

    • Fire Alarm Test Certificate

    • Fire Extinguishers Test certificate (or proof of purchase if extinguishers are less than 12-months old)

    • Emergency Lighting Certificate (required for HMOs with 3 or more storeys)

    • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) certificate (required for appliances over 12 months old)

    • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) (required unless your property is exempt from the legal requirement)

    • Fire Risk Assessment (see also Fire safety risk assessment: sleeping accommodation)

    • Tenancy Agreements (where applicable – please see section above on Planning Permission)

  • Declaration - you MUST complete the declaration at the end of the application and submission of the form will constitute your agreement in the absence of a signature.  Please note that it is a criminal offence to make a false statement in an application for an HMO licence or fail to comply with any condition of the licence.
  • Fee payment - the correct fee MUST be paid when the application is submitted. You will be able to submit your payment online before completing the application. Payment can be made with a credit or debit card.

Step 2 - Applying for a Basic Disclosure Certificate

A Basic Disclosure contains only convictions considered unspent under The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. The Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) process criminal record check requests, and issue a certificate (disclosure) detailing the applicants convictions, or state that they have none.


The fee for a Basic Disclosure is £25. You will need to pay using a credit or debit card.  All major cards are accepted. Please have your card details handy before you proceed.

Information required

You will be asked to provide:

  • Your address history for the past five years
  • Your National Insurance number

You will need to register with Verify if you have not previously done so. It will take about 15 minutes to set up and you will need proof of identity (for example a passport, valid driving licence or birth certificate).

The Disclosure and Barring Service website advises that requests take up to 14 days to process. Please upload your certificate to your licence application once received. You do not need to post the original document to the Council. 

Step 3 - Apply & pay online for an HMO licence

From 1 September 2015, you will be able to apply online for an HMO licence. Your application can be submitted once the form has been completed correctly and your payment has been made.

After submitting the form, you will receive a separate email (within 24 hours) with instructions on how to upload your supporting documents.

We will not be able to process your application until all the documents have been submitted.

  1. Apply for an HMO licence
  2. Pay for the application online
  3. By ticking the box and submitting the form you understand that this constitutes your signature
  4. You will receive an automatic response confirming submission of your application form
  5. Within 24 hours, you will receive a second email with instructions on how to submit your documents

Step 4 - Verification of online application

We process the online application form by:

  • Verifying the documents you have submitted
  • Checking that you as a landlord are a "Fit and Proper Person"
  • Ensuring suitable management arrangements are in place if you are not eligible to manage the property yourself
  • Checking that you have paid the paid the correct fee and have the correct planning consent
  • Ensuring that your property is compliant and eligible for a licence

If the Council intends to grant the licence, a draft licence with conditions will be emailed to the applicant, licence holder and all interested parties. All recipients will have 28 days to respond to the terms and conditions of the licence.

If the Council is minded to refuse the licence, a letter detailing the decisions and the reasons for refusal will be sent to the applicant, licence holder and all interested parties. All recipients will have 28 days to respond to the decision.

Please note that you are submitting a declaration stating that the property complies with Standards, Conditions and Management Regulations at the time of application. It is an offence to make a false statement in an application for an HMO licence. In the application, you will have the opportunity to tell us of any areas where your property may not comply. You will be contacted directly to discuss this information before a decision is made. 

If you have not disclosed all relevant information and we have concerns that a property is operating as a non-compliant HMO we reserve the right to gain access to the property to inspect giving 24 hours' notice.

Step 5 – Licence

If we do not hear from you within 28 days of issuing the draft licence, we will automatically issue a full licence to the applicant, licence holder and all interested parties.

If we do not hear from you within 28 days of informing you of our intent to refuse the licence, the licence will be refused. You have a right to appeal this decision.   

Step 6 - Details added to the Public Register of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

The Council has a duty under the Housing Act 2004 to maintain a public register of all licensed properties. Therefore your details will be added to the public register once you have been issued a licence. The public register is available on our website and updated monthly.

Step 7 Appointment for a property inspection

An officer will arrange an inspection of the property to confirm compliance with the licensing requirements and the Standards, Conditions and Management Regulations.

An inspection of each HMO will also be carried out under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS), which is set out in the Housing Act 2004.This will include a risk assessment of the effect of housing conditions on the health and safety of occupiers.

Further conditions to carry out certain work may be included as part of the licence

At the time of inspection, the officer will need to see a copy of the licence holder's photo identification. This can be a passport or a photo card driving licence. Please ensure that the licence holder is present at the inspection.

Step 8 Additional licence conditions (where applicable)

Where applicable, you (and any interested parties) will receive a further list of conditions that have been added to the licence. These are property-specific dependent on the outcome of the inspection. You have 28 days to respond to these conditions, after which time they are considered to be accepted.

Please note you will not receive another copy of the licence – the licence that you received when you submitted your application is a valid licence.

Electronic Form

An electronic (web and email) form has been adopted to make the licence application process as efficient as possible. These methods have become standard business practice in the general community and have been embraced by the Council.

  • Applicants who do not have their own email address can nominate a relative, friend or colleague to receive email communications on their behalf.
  • All correspondence, including the licence, will be sent via email. It is important to make sure that your email address is entered correctly on the form.
  • Applicants who do not have their own access to the web can arrange with a relative, friend or colleague to submit an application on their behalf. Public computers are also available (for example, in libraries).
  • The Hive offers FREE six-week Computer Basics courses. Please ask library staff if you are interested in signing up.
  • Digital Champion volunteers are also available in The Hive Monday-Friday 10am-3pm to help with basic IT queries and online form completion.
  • Applicants unable to make an online application may obtain a paper version at our discretion and assessed on an individual case by case basis by requesting a copy from the HMO Licensing Officer.
  • Mandatory licences only – new applications for mandatory licences will also be made online from 1 September 2015. In the meantime, renewals are to be requested by emailing .

Anyone who would like further information about an application for a licence or require general advice should contact:

Worcester City Council
Strategic Housing and Community Activity Services
The Guildhall
High Street

Tel: 01905 722233

Email :

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Business - Current Tenders

Current Tenders

Provision of office supplies and equipment

Malvern Hills District Council, Worcester City Council and Wychavon District Council are jointly inviting tenders from potential suppliers for the provision of office supplies and equipment.

The Councils are using the e-procurement portal known as the Due North Pro-Contract portal to conduct this procurement exercise.

To gain access to the procurement documents, suppliers will need to register their company details at the above website. Once registered, suppliers will be emailed a log-in and password which will allow them to gain access to the procurement documents. Suppliers will need to search for the invitation under Wychavon District Council and then electronically submit an expression of interest and follow the online instructions to view the procurement documents.

Suppliers should submit their completed tender documents via the Pro-Contract portal by 12:00 noon on 7 March 2018.

Any supplier questions must be submitted via the Pro-Contract portal website. Any clarifications will be issued via the Pro-Contract portal.

If you have any problems or queries gaining access to the Pro-Contract portal please contact the Service desk who are available between the hours of 08:30 and 17:30 Monday to Friday (excluding UK Public Holidays) or email


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If you have any queries or require any additional information regarding this notice, please email:

Tenders in progress



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