Crematorium-Cemetery & Worcester Crematorium

Astwood Cemetery & Worcester Crematorium

As many of us know, losing a loved one is one of the most difficult times in our life.

Worcester City Council, Bereavement Services Team, aim to provide a professional, caring and sensitive service that meets the needs and expectations of the bereaved.

We offer a flexible approach, in order to accommodate as many of the requests of the bereaved as possible, whilst still upholding cultural, ethical and legal responsibilities.

Astwood Cemetery

Opening Times for Astwood & St John's Cemeteries

Christmas & New Year opening times

During the festive period the cemetery and Book of Remembrance will be open to visitors during the following times. However our office and crematorium are closed.

Day Times
Christmas Eve 08:00 - 16:00
Christmas Day 08:00 - 16:00
Boxing Day 08:00 - 16:00
New Years Day 08:00 - 16:00

Normal opening times

Dates Cemetery Grounds Cemetery Office (Reception) Hall of Remembrance
1 October - 31 March (Autumn/Winter)

8am - 4.15pm

Astwood cemetery entrance gate will be locked at 4.15pm

Monday - Friday:

9am - 4pm

Please note that a telephone response (01905 22633) is available until 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

10am - 4pm

1 April - 30 September (Spring/Summer)

8am - 8pm

Astwood cemetery entrance gate will be locked at 7:45pm

9am - 4pm

Please note that a telephone response (01905 22633) is available until 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

10am - 6.30pm

Contact Details

Cemetery and Crematorium Office
Worcester Crematorium
Astwood Cemetery
Tintern Avenue
Worcester, WR3 8HA

Telephone: 01905 22633

Emergency contact details outside of normal working hours

Telephone Worcestershire Telecare on 08450 568 035

Please be advised, that if you are visiting the cemetery or crematorium and using public transport, we are served by the Number 35 bus from CrownGate Bus station in Worcester.

Bereavement Services Team

Worcester City Council's Bereavement Services Team always aim to provide you with a personal and professional service that offers you the most help, support and advice possible.

If you feel we have not given you this service, or feel there are ways we can improve our information to you, then we would like you to tell us.

Please contact us at the address above and mark it for the attention of the Bereavement Services Manager, who will give it his personal attention. If you have had a particularly positive experience and we have exceeded your expectations, we would also like to hear from you.

Rules and regulations are a necessary requirement for the management of Worcester City Council's, Cemetery and Crematorium facility. Every effort has been made to avoid restricting the rights and choices of the individual. Therefore, these rules and regulations have been prepared to regulate for a clean, safe and tidy cemetery/crematorium grounds.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the funeral arrangements made by the funeral director, then you should discuss your issue with them directly in the first instance.

The majority of funeral directors belong to one of two trade associations. So if you are still not satisfied after their response, you can take your complaint to one of the following

The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD)

Tel: 0845 230 1343 or email: Website:


The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF)

Tel: 0845 230 6777 or email: Website:


Please use the links below if you wish to contact local or national bereavement support services

The Crematorium & Cemeteries Forum

A forum meets throughout the year, and includes an independent chairman, representatives from funeral directors, ministers, civil celebrants, elected councillors, stonemasons and the council's bereavement services. Please contact Bereavement Services if you require further information about the forum.


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Planning: How Do I Search for a Planning Application?

Searching for a Planning Application?


Our Planning Search service currently offers access to all applications received by the City Council since 1947. It also allows customers to view submitted plans, decision notices and make comments on our undetermined applications. Some useful guidance on how best to use the search service including the facility for electronic measuring of drawings.

The search function is now the only way of viewing planning applications. If you need help viewing applications it is possible to use the public computers on the ground floor of The Hive with the support of Worcestershire Hub Staff.

The City Council has a full record of every planning application since 1947 called The Planning Register. We have two search methods to view all of our planning applications within our planning register.

The Planning Search Service allows interested parties to make representations on undetermined applications, please note that The City Council in accordance with the Data Protection Act will in most cases publish your comments on the Internet including your name and address whilst redacting personal information such as telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures. It is preferable if you comment on a planning application online and it is recommended that you review the advice on making comments before doing so.

If you experience any technical problems when using our webpages then please let us know by email at

Planning Application Search (including the weekly planning lists)

This service is provided subject to terms and conditions by continuing to use the planning application search service you are agreeing to these terms and conditions,

View current planning applications

Important information:  If you are searching an application reference which ends with 'A' i.e.. P16Q0009A then we wish to advise that these have changed to the following format 'letter100number' i.e. P16Q1009.

You can view the weekly lists of applications by simply completing the Received and Decided  date fields - please note that the above fields can remain blank 

Applications received between 1992 - Present Day

Historical Planning Application Search

This service is provided subject to terms and conditions by continuing to use the planning application search service you are agreeing to these terms and conditions,

View historical planning applications

View planning register index cards

Historic planning applications received between 1947 - 1992 (Historical search maybe less detailed)

Planning register index cards between 1947 - March 2016

Public Notices

Weekly Newspaper Advert

Published by Worcester City Council

Please note our webpages will be unavailable between 03:00 - 04:00 daily for routine system maintenance

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Apply for Universal Credit

Apply for Universal Credit

How do I apply and what will I need to make a claim?

Claims can only be made online through the official Universal Credit website here.  If you and your partner live together then you will need to apply as a couple.
To apply you will need:

  • An active email address
  • A mobile phone number
  • Details of your bank account, building society or credit union account
  • Your rent or mortgage costs
  • Your wage details
  • Details of any savings or investments
  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Details of any children and/or your partner
  • Details of how much you pay for childcare (if applying for help with childcare costs)

You also have to verify your identity which can be done by appointment in person at your local Jobcentre or online. To do this you will need ID such as:

  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • Debit or credit card

Other forms of ID are accepted. Ask at your local Jobcentre for details.

Guides to help homeless people claim and manage Universal Credit

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has published guides for homeless people and the organisations supporting them when making and managing a Universal Credit claim. The guides give specialised guidance for people experiencing homelessness and have been developed with a range of stakeholders in the homelessness and advice sectors.

What if I do not have access to the internet?

If you do not have access to the internet then you can use computers for free at the Hive or your local library:

You will need to be a library member and have your library card with you to use a computer.

Help making your claim

If you need help making your claim then our staff can assist by:

  • Helping you complete your claim by setting up an email account
  • Support you to access your online diary, to do lists, journals
  • Advise you on digital security, such as keeping passwords safe
  • Direct you somewhere for further help if you are struggling to use the internet

Support is offered on an appointment only basis. To book please call 03004 560560.

As Universal Credit is run by the Department for Work and Pensions, and not Worcester City Council, we regret we cannot help you with the detail of your claim or offer advice regarding your particular circumstances.

If you need this kind of support then please contact your work coach or call the free Universal Credit Helpline on 0800 328 5644 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Alternatively, if you rent a property from Rooftop Housing or Fortis Living then you will also be able to access help and support from their specialist teams.

Improve your digital skills

Courses and free sessions are available to help you improve your confidence and learn new skills when using a computer and going online. also offers free training.

Advice for the self-employed

While Universal Credit works in principle in the same way for people who are self-employed, there are some differences in how the amount you receive is calculated. The Money Advice Service has more information here.

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Council: City Life Magazine

City Life Magazine

City Life magazine covers a range of stories and useful articles about the services provided by Worcester City Council and its partners, and issues that affect Worcester residents and visitors.

City Life is distributed quarterly to over 43,000 households and businesses in and around Worcester. If you are a local resident but do not receive copies then please let the editor know at or 01905 722 363.

City Life Autumn 2018 Cover

View the latest issue (e-book edition)

Back Issues

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Council Tax-Pay my council tax

Pay my council tax

Pay online

Pay by credit or debit card.

Pay by Direct Debit

Set up a Direct Debit online  or download an application form

You can choose whether the Direct Debit is taken on the 1st, 10th, 15th, 25th of the month.

Pay in person

Worcester residents can now pay their Council Tax at their local shop via PayPoint. PayPoint opens up the option to make payments at your local Post Office and at around 80 small retails across Worcester.

Find your nearest shop with a PayPoint terminal.

Pay by telephone

Call 0330 088 0680.

Your bill

The Council issues a bill to all households and businesses in March which shows how much you have to pay each month. .

If your circumstances change or you move house during the year must let the Council know straight away so that your bill can be adjusted accordingly.
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Planning Advice - Do I need planning permission?

Planning Advice

There are two main ways in which Planning Advice can be gained from Worcester City Council Planning Authority and these come in the form of:

Permitted Development

You can make certain types of minor changes to your house without needing to apply for planning permission. These are called "permitted development rights".

Pre – Application Advice

Worcester City Council seeks to provide a positive climate for pre-application discussions, offering an approach with impartial and professional advice within an agreed time frame concerning applications coming forward for determination by a formal planning application. The service is structured to provide an ‘in principle' feed back on your proposals as well as more detailed discussions and negotiations on a scheme before you submit a formal planning application.

Non-Chargeable Services

Although we will make a modest charge for advice on permitted development and for pre-application enquiries, we will continue to offer free services that aim to provide the following:

  • Information on the forms, plans and supporting information required for submitting a planning application and the required fee.
  • Queries about planning applications pending determination
  • Identification of the relevant development policies for particular development types

If you experience any technical problems when using our webpages then please let us know by email at

Please note our webpages will be unavailable between 03:00 - 04:00 daily for routine system maintenance

Section 106 Monitoring, Drafting and Legal Charges

The preparation and monitoring of Section 106 planning obligations is a time-consuming and complex process, taking up a significant amount of officer time. It is essential that the system operates effectively and efficiently.

The Council has therefore decided to introduce charges from the 31 January 2019 to cover the cost of monitoring and drafting planning obligations. The charges were drawn up having regard to relevant national guidance and legislation. They were devised to be proportionate to the amount of work undertaken in relation to planning obligations by the Council and to the scale of development. The monies raised will be spent on costs relating to the administration and monitoring of planning obligations.

The charges are set out below and are payable on completion of each Section 106 agreement:

  • The base fee is £650
  • In addition to the base fee, a further administration fee will be applied at a rate of £100 per trigger point specified in an agreement

Any Legal Services fees associated with the drafting of the legal agreement will be in addition to the Administration and Monitoring Fee for Section 106 Agreements.

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Recycling & Waste: Bank Holiday Collections

Bank holiday waste and recycling arrangements

Details of any changes to your bin collection dates due to public bank holidays will be published here in advance. Services that may be affected by public holidays are:

  • Domestic/household waste and recycling
  • Garden waste
  • Commercial waste
  • Bulky waste
  • Saturday residential skips

Christmas and New Year

Christmas Bins

Domestic Refuse Collections

Usual Day of Collection Revised Day of Collection
Tuesday 25 December Thursday 27 December
Wednesday 26 December Friday 28 December
Thursday 27 December  Saturday 29 December
Friday 28 December Monday 31 December
Tuesday 1 January Wednesday 2 January
Wednesday 2 January Thursday 3 January
Thursday 3 January Friday 4 January
Friday 4 January Saturday 5 January
Tuesday 8 January Normal service resumes

Bulky Household Collections

Bulky household collections on Monday 24 December will operate as usual, however, there will be NO collection on Wednesday 26 December

There will be NO bulky household collections week commencing Monday 31 December

Normal service resumes week commencing Monday 7 January 2018

Commercial Refuse Collections

Commercial Recycling

Usual Day of Collection Revised Day of Collection
Friday 21 December Normal Collection
Friday 28 December Normal Collection
Friday 4 January Normal Collection

Commercial General Waste

Usual Day of Collection Revised Day of Collection
Monday 24 December Normal Collection
Tuesday 25 December Thursday 27 December
Wednesday 26 December Friday 28 December
Thursday 27 December Normal Collection
Friday 28 December Normal Collection
Monday 31 December Normal Collection
Tuesday 1 January Wednesday 2 January
Wednesday 2 January onwards Normal Collections resumes


Worcestershire Hub Tel: 01905 722233

You can call in to the Customer Service Centre.

If you would like to write to us, our postal address is on the City Council contact page

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Planning: Land Searches & Charges

Local Land Charges searches in Worcester City

Welcome to the Worcester City Council Local Land Charges section. We aim to provide you with a guide to searches, fees and other relevant information regarding the Local Land Charges search process.

All Local Land Charges searches are handled by a small team of two part-time staff, who process approximately 4,000 searches each year.

What is a Local Land Charges search?

The City Council's Local Land Charges section maintains the statutory Local Land Charges Register. It also collates information from various other Council departments such as Development Services to enable the completion of a Local Land Charges search.

A Local Land Charges search forms part of the conveyancing process and is carried out to ascertain if there are any matters affecting the property or land which a prospective purchaser should be aware of. It is designed to protect potential purchasers of property and will tell them about agreements and restrictions which might affect their decision to go ahead with the purchase.

Requests for a Local Land Charges search are normally made by a Solicitors or Licensed Conveyancer acting on behalf of the purchaser of a property.

  • The first part of the search – the LLC1 form - will reveal all the charges registered against the property, for example Conditional Planning Permissions, Smoke Control Orders and Tree Preservation Orders. These charges are binding on successive owners of the property or land.

  • The second part of the search – the CON29 form - will provide other relevant information which is held by the various Departments of the Council, such as Local Plan information, nearby road schemes and Notices etc. under the Planning Acts.

Worcester City Council - Local Land Charges search fees

Basic search fee

The cost of Local Land Charges searches (including VAT where required) received from Saturday 1 April 2017 will be as follows:-

Full basic search fee


LLC1 submitted independently


Additional fees - optional enquiries



  • 4 - £19.80
  • 5 - £9.60
  • 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 - £1.80
  • 9 - £3.60 
  • 12 - £4.80    
  • 21 – No fee as Worcester City Council is unable to answer this question.

CON29 O –
Optional Enquiry 22


CON29 O –
Supplementary Enquiries

£26.40 each

The above prices apply if the CON29 O forms are submitted together with the CON29 R forms.

Extra parcels of land:


£1.00 per parcel


£40.80 per parcel





Expedited Search Fee


Personal search of the Land Charges Section


N.B. Fees are subject to any change in VAT status

Personal searches from the Land Charges Section

You can now view our paper planning register index cards online (1947- March 2016) along with viewing current and historic planning application on our Planning Search page.

Worcestershire County Council hold information relating to adopted roads which is available for viewing on their website.

Please send your requests for personal searches to with location details and site plan. Once received, we aim to email you the Land Charges Register information sheet within 5-7 working days.

If you experience technical issues or need advice on searching the index cards or the Planning Search page then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fees for requests under the Environmental Information Regulations

Helpful information

Searches can be submitted to the Council via the NLIS (National Land Information Service) electronic search system.

Our postal address for submitting Local Land Charges searches is:

Worcester City Council
Land Charges Section
The Guildhall
High Street
WR1 2EY:

The staff in the Land Charges office are available to answer your telephone enquiries/queries from 8:30am until 3pm each day.

Outside these hours and when the office is busy a voice mail service is available – please leave us a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Direct Line Telephone: 01905 722023 or 01905 722024

E-mail :

Frequently asked questions

Who carries out the Local Land Charges search?

Search requests are usually received from the Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer acting for the purchaser of a property. Personal search companies also make searches and anyone can make a search if they submit their request on the correct forms. These forms - the LLC1 and CON29 - are available from legal stationers.

What area do you cover?

We cover the area inside the Worcester City Council boundary.

Adjacent areas outside our boundary are covered by Malvern Hills District Council or Wychavon District Council as appropriate.

How can I be sure that a property lies within the Worcester City Council boundary?

If you do not have access to a suitable plan, telephone our office and we will endeavour to help you.

How many forms do I need to submit?

The LLC1 and CON29 forms should be submitted in duplicate when sending in a postal request.

Do I need to send you any plans of the property?

Yes – we require an A4 plan in duplicate with the property to be searched on clearly outlined in red.

Does a commercial search cost more than a residential search?

No – the fee is the same.

What is a personal search?

A personal search is an inspection of the Local Land Charges Register. At Worcester City Council we supply you with a print out of the registered Land Charges that affect your property.

What is the difference between a personal search and a local authority search?

A personal search will provide you with information similar to that of an LLC1 request but its content is your own responsibility and its accuracy is not guaranteed by the Council. A CON29 form is not used for a personal search enquiry and if you wish to ask any similar questions you must approach each individual Council department yourself. You may be charged for any information that is provided following such requests.

What is NLIS?

NLIS (National Land Information System) is the electronic way of sending and receiving search requests. It was introduced in February 2001 and an increasing number of applicants are now using this method of searching. If you require further information on this efficient service please contact:

C/O Land Data cic
85 Tottenham Court Road
London, W1T 4TQ

Tel: 020 7268 3007

Do I need to send any paperwork when I submit an NLIS search?

No – all the search details, including a plan, can be submitted electronically

Who do I make my cheques payable to?

Worcester City Council

Can I submit a client's cheque?

We will accept client's cheques – however the search replies will not be returned to you until the cheque has been cleared by our bank (10 days) .

Are you on the DX system?


Can I submit my request by email?

Yes, but you will need to make the payment by cheque.

Can I receive my search results by email?

We can return your search via email if requested.

Do you answer drainage enquiries?

No – please contact Severn Trent Water Conveyancing Searches, PO Box 6187, Nottingham NG65 1LE or DX 26205 SHERWOOD RISE

Telephone: 0115 962 7269 and Fax: 0115 962 7132

Do you provide a landfill report?

You can add a CON29 Part 3 question to your search and our reply will contain basic landfill information regarding the location of any site that affects your property.

Further information is available from the Environment Agency, Upper Severn Area, Midlands Region, Hafren House, Welshpool Road, Shelton, Shrewsbury SY3 8BB Tel: 01743 272828

Will the road information reply tell me if all the roads abutting my property are adopted?

Our search reply will only refer to the road named in the property address given in Box B on the CON29 form. If you wish to have information regarding any other roads that abut your property you will need to name them (up to a maximum of three) in Box C and clearly mark them on your search plan.

Do I send my Commons Registration Search to you?

Yes, if it part of a bigger search. You can submit this using the CON29 O form, ticking box 22 at a fee of £28.80.

If it is being submitted independently you will need to contact Legal and Democratic Services at Worcestershire County Council. A fee will apply. Contact them at

Worcestershire County Council
Legal & Democratic Services
Spetchley Road


DX 29941 Worcester 2


Can Land Charges tell me who owns a certain property or piece of land?

No – you will need to make application to Land Registry, Leigh Court, Torrington Avenue, Tile Hill, Coventry CV4 9XZ Tel: 024 7686 0860

Can we pay by BACS?

Yes. Please email and we’ll send you our bank details.

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Community Safety-Flooding Information

Flooding Information


We will monitor flood levels along with the Environment Agency which provides regular updates on its Floodline service. We will keep an eye on roads and houses where we anticipate flooding will occur.

Do not under any circumstances be tempted to enter flood water. The flow of a swollen river along with its under-current can be very powerful. Flood water may contain raw sewage which can lead to health problems.

You can get the latest information on flooding in Worcester at:


Further information on flooding

  • The Environment Agency provide comprehensive information on flooding and flooding related issues. Please visit their website for guidance. 
  • Get wise to rising water - Flooding can be extremely distressing. To help you cope with associated problems this simple guide outlines the services Worcester City Council and Worcestershire County Council's Highways Department will offer in the event of a flood. These services are free to residential properties; a charge is normally made for services to commercial properties.
  • Checking traffic - When traffic has to be diverted the Highways Department will organise closures and alternative routes. The Highways Department will pass on all traffic news to local radio stations so please tune in.
  • A place to rest - We will provide emergency rest centre accommodation if you have to evacuate your home and we will work with the Police to help you move. We will help place vulnerable people in temporary accommodation if required. Please think ahead and contact the Council for advice.
  • Cleaning up - The city council and the Highways Department will work to clean up the highways and get them back into use as soon as the flooding has receded.  We can also offer advice on cleaning up your property after a flood.
  • Public Health England - Flooding: Advice for the public (PDF)
  • NHS Choices - Flood: cleaning up and food hygiene

National Flood Forum

The National Flood Forum is a national charity dedicated to supporting and representing communities and individuals at risk of flooding. They do this by:

  1. Helping people to prepare for flooding in order to prevent it or mitigate its impacts
  2. Helping people to recover their lives once they have been flooded
  3. Campaigning on behalf of flood risk communities and working with government and agencies to ensure that they develop a community perspective.

Contacting us

If you need any of these services call the Council on 01905 722233, office hours only.

The out of hours emergency number is 01562 733178.

Useful contact numbers

Floodline (The Environment Agency):  08459 881 188

West Mercia Police: 0300 333 3000

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service: 999

Severn Trent Water: 0800 783 4444

Please tune into local radio for regular updates

  • BBC Hereford & Worcester 94.7, 104 or 104.6 FM
  • Free Radio 96.7, 97.6 or 102.8 FM

Useful Information

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Business Start Up Support

Worcester City Council grants for Start Up Businesses

We have grants of up to £1000 for eligible businesses which are within their first year of trading, and which are based in the city of Worcester. The grant must be match-funded, pound for pound from your business's own resources. The grant is for capital items as well as start up costs such as initial stock, training and marketing to launch the business.

The aims of our grant scheme are to encourage the occupation of vacant commercial premises, help regenerate neighbourhoods, stimulate entrepreneurship, create new jobs and enhance the sustainability of new businesses.

Businesses will be expected to have received business start up advice and to provide a business plan. Free business start up advice and support (including workshops) is available through the Enterprising Worcestershire Programme for eligible businesses.  See below for details

For further information please contact Janet Yates on 01905 722106 or email

Free business start up advice and support

Worcester City Council has joined forces with Worcestershire County Council and the other Worcestershire District Councils to set up the Enterprising Worcestershire programme.

This programme aims to support new businesses. The scheme will encourage the occupation of vacant commercial premises, help regenerate town centres, stimulate entrepreneurship, create new jobs, and enhance the sustainability of new businesses.

There is some support available for eligible start up businesses.  Initially you will be referred to our business advice providers who provide both workshops and one to one support including support with your business plan.

Once your business plan has been approved you can apply for a business start up grant.

Worcester City Council is part of Worcestershire Business Central (WBC) a countywide single point of contact for businesses. The Enterprising Worcestershire programme is one of the key services offered by WBC. For more information about the range of business services available please call 01905 677888 or see, email

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