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New date for domestic bin collection changes

Published: 03 June 2024
black wheely bin left out for collection
IMAGE: black wheely bin left out for collection

The date when domestic waste and recycling collections will be standardised in Worcester has been changed.

Councillors will be asked to note a report tomorrow (Tuesday 4 June) which outlines the City Council's intention to standardise collections from the week commencing 29 July.

Working in partnership with the County Council we are proposing a revised start date of 29 July to better manage the flow of recyclables and waste through the County Council's sorting and treatment facilities.

The change will implement a 'same material, same week' bin collection service across Worcester.

These changes are required to make the bin collection service more efficient moving forward.

This will result in the whole city having their waste collected on one week and recycling the next.

To implement the changes half of the city would see their bin collection routine changed, to align with the rest.

All wards across the city that are on recycling collections during the week commencing 29 July, will be affected by the change and instead have their waste collected that week.

For residents impacted a temporary side waste allowance would be made the following week so that residents could place excess recycling in tied recyclable bags next to their bin, should their recycling bins have reached capacity.

More information on how to obtain the additional bags will be circulated nearer the time.

All affected properties will start to receive letters in the middle of June, and this will also include a new calendar for future collections.

Any errors made by residents in putting out the wrong bin would be corrected by the collection teams following the missed bin process.

The City Council's Environment Committee will meet on Tuesday to discuss the changes. 

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