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Windrush Generation to be remembered in Worcester

Published: 19 June 2024
Woman in Windrush t-shirt
IMAGE: A flag raising ceremony to mark Windrush Day is being held in Worcester on Saturday

An event in Worcester this weekend will remember the Windrush Generation, who helped to re-build Britain following the Second World War.

Windrush Day – taking place on Saturday 22 June - commemorates those who arrived in Britain on the HMT Empire Windrush passenger ship in 1948.

An estimated 500,000 people from the Caribbean arrived in Britain during the following 23 years – all of whom are considered the Windrush Generation.

Worcester City Council is holding a ceremony in Cathedral Square at 11am on the day to commemorate the generation’s enormous contribution to the country. Speakers will highlight the importance of the date before an official Windrush Day flag is raised to mark the occasion.

Afterwards, the Jamaica Wah Gwaan restaurant in Lowesmoor will be hosting traditional dominoes games and finger food from noon until 3pm.

Selasie Clarke, manager of Jamaica Wah Gwaan said: “I’m looking forward to this day, let’s celebrate Windrush Day and pay gratitude to all those before us who paved the way to this life we live now and made so many things possible.”

On 22 June 1948 the HMT Empire Windrush, carrying 1,027 passengers, docked in Essex.

Of those, 802 were from the Caribbean and they were joined by people from India, Pakistan, Kenya and South Africa.

This week’s commemorative event remembers the enormous contributions they went on to make to Britain.

The Windrush Generation played key roles in the production of steel, coal, iron, and food as the country’s economy recovered.

They also helped to keep public transport running, along with helping towards the National Health Service (NHS) and armed forces.

Eloise Spence, of the Worcester Afro Caribbean Association, added: “The Windrush Generation has paved the way for our present generation.

“It is good that after 75 years, these pioneers are recognised for their contribution to this country.

“The Windrush Generation endured a lot and have come through with their heads held high.

“Now it is for us to carry on where they left off. I hope recognising these pioneers will continue so that the younger generation will know the struggle they have been through. The Windrush Generation will never be forgotten.”

Eltayeb Bashar, from the Worcester Anti-Racism Initiative added: “The Anti-Racism Initiative is very much looking forward to helping realise this year’s Windrush Day.

“We all owe the Windrush Generation so much and this is our opportunity to show our gratitude and appreciation for their sacrifice. Please come and join us!”

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