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£150 energy rebate for Worcester Council Tax payers

Published: 18 May 2022

Worcester City Council is making final arrangements to pay the £150 energy rebate to households in the city that are registered to pay Council Tax.

The energy rebate is part of the Government's response to the recent rise in fuel bills, and it is to be paid out by local councils.

In Worcester, households that pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit will receive their rebate first, as the City Council already has their bank details. The Council is currently testing the payment system to ensure it is accurate, and the first rebates are expected to go out this month.

The City Council will be writing to households whose bank details it does not hold, with information on the means for them to receive the payment.

Shane Flynn, the City Council's Director of Resources, said: "Councils have until September to pay the energy rebate, but we know that this money is urgently needed by many households, so we are working to pay it as soon as possible.

"If you do not pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit we will write to you and provide details of how you can receive your payment by voucher. It is important to state that we will not contact you by phone or any method other than post, and we will not be asking for your bank details.

"If someone does contact you and asks for your bank account details please do not respond to them – it is almost certainly a scam." 

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