New action plan to tackle gull numbers in Worcester

A comprehensive action plan to reduce the numbers of gulls nesting in Worcester next year is to be considered by councillors, including boosting spending by £40,000. The creation of three gull nest exclusion zones, subsidising property owners to make their buildings "gull-proof" and campaigning for a change to the national rules that limit what can...
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UK’s tallest cherry picker helps to tackle gulls

Cherry picker in action in Angel Place
The tallest cherry picker in the UK is currently in action in the centre of Worcester as part of a programme of measures to control the number of gulls in the city. The machine can be extended to up to 39 metres, or can go up vertically to 19 metres and then reach out 20 metres horizontally – making it possible to get to gulls nests that have previ...
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New waste lorries remind people not to feed gulls

R6__8810-02Sep2021 Cllr Andy Stafford (right), Chair of Worcester City Council’s Environment Committee, and Alex Parry, City Council Technical Officer, with one of the two new 26-tonne waste lorries carrying the gulls design.
Worcester residents and visitors will now be seeing regular reminders of how they can help control the number of gulls in the city, with two new waste lorries displaying 3.4-metre signs asking them to dispose of waste food properly. The display on the side of the two 26-tonne vehicles say, "Feed the bins, not the gulls", to encourage people to make...
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Hawks will fly daily to deter gulls in Worcester

Hawks are to be flown around Worcester five days a week for the next two months, in a bid to deter gulls from settling in the city. From July 19 the birds will fly in select parts of Worcester for up to eight hours a day - the biggest exercise of its type to have been undertaken in the city. Hawk flying was trialled in Britannia Square and other pa...
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Cleaner streets, economic recovery, major investment – Worcester City Council Leader sets out his priorities

Councillor Marc Bayliss, Leader of Worcester City Council
Having secured a Conservative majority at last month's election, Worcester City Council Leader Marc Bayliss is today setting out his priorities for the year ahead.Cleaner streets, support for the city's post-pandemic recovery, managing the investment of more than £40 million of Government funding in the city, tackling parking problems in residentia...
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New measures and fines introduced to tackle anti-social behaviour in city centre

Worcester City Council is introducing new measures and £100 fines to discourage the intentional feeding of gulls, aggressive begging, and dangerous cycling and skateboarding in the city centre. A Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) will be in place from 28 March, giving City Council officers and delegated partners the option to issue a f...
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Take winter action to deter gulls from nesting in New Year

Worcester residents and business owners are being urged to take action over the winter months to prevent gulls from nesting on their properties in the Spring. "The first step is to remove any nests and nesting materials from your property before the gulls return to Worcester in March and April," says Gordon Dugan, Worcester's Gull Control Officer. ...
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New survey maps out gull population across Worcester

 An independent survey of Worcester's gull population has been commissioned and published by Worcestershire Regulatory Services. The survey, which was conducted in late April by respected urban gull specialist Peter Rock, estimates that Worcester's gull population currently stands at 1,072 pairs – an increase of 440 pairs from 2006, when Rock ...
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Action to control gull population continues during lockdown

With the peak gull nesting season now upon us, action is being taken in Worcester to deter the birds from nesting on residential and business rooftops. Hawks and falcons have been deployed to make daily two-hour flights round Britannia Square, near Worcester's city centre, with the aim of putting off gulls from nesting there.The flights, which are ...
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Make your presence known, as gull nesting season approaches

The gull nesting season is rapidly approaching – so Worcester residents and businesses are being urged to try alternative tactics to discourage the birds from nesting on the roofs of local properties. Regularly opening and shutting skylight windows or doors, using an extended pole or long garden cane to tap loudly on roof areas and physically makin...
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Worcester businesses take action to combat gulls

officer Dan Walker, Konrad Szymanski, Director at Humberstones and Cllr Joy Squires officer Dan Walker, Konrad Szymanski, Director at Humberstones and Cllr Joy Squires
 Local businesses are being urged to act now to deter gulls from nesting on or near their premises. Worcestershire Regulatory Services' new gull officer, Dan Walker, has extensive experience in controlling gull populations and has visited over 25 local businesses this year to help curb the problem. One of them is Humberstones, a business trans...
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