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Pre-Application Advice

What is Pre-Application Advice?


Worcester City Council seeks to provide a positive climate for pre-application discussions, offering an approach with impartial and professional advice within an agreed time frame. The service is structured to provide an ‘in principle' feed back on your proposals as well as more detailed discussions and negotiations on a scheme before you submit a formal application.

The service is not compulsory. However, the Council actively encourages pre-application discussions for all development proposals before submission for formal consideration.

Pre-application advice will provide you with the following benefits:

  • An understanding of how our policies will be applied to your proposal
  • Identify the need for specialist input at an early stage e.g. for listed buildings, transportation, trees, landscape, noise, health, ecology, contaminated land or archaeology
  • Assist in the preparation of proposals for formal submission, which, if you follow our advice, should be handled more quickly and be more likely to result in a positive outcome
  • Help to reduce the time that you or your professional advisors spend in working up the proposals
  • Identify those proposals that are completely unacceptable, so saving you the cost of pursuing a formal application

The service is chargeable and the  pdf fees can be found here (51 KB)

Please check that your property falls within Worcester City Council administrative boundaryWe are unable to respond to property queries outside of Worcester City (refunds are subject to £10 administrative fee).

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