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Planning Appeals

Do I have the right to appeal?

The applicant has a right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate if:

  • No decision has been reached on the application within the statutory time for determination

  • The application is refused

  • The applicant does not agree with one or more of the conditions on an approval

  • If the Local Planning Authority and applicant can't agree on application validation requirements

Please Note : There is no third party right to appeal other than on a point of law, although third parties can be involved in the appeal process and are asked for comments on certain appeals.

How long will the appeal process take?

Appeals are usually time consuming, before you take this course of action, it is worth speaking to the Development Management Officer who dealt with your application to see if there is scope to negotiate a compromise and submit an amended application.

The time period in which an appeal can be made varies per type of application, for householder applications  this is 12 weeks whereas for advertisement consent applications this is 8 weeks. Major applications can take much longer.

Detail of the appeal procedures can be found on the decision notice or by contacting the  Planning Inspectorate

The Inspector's decision is final and you have no further right to appeal except to the High Court on a point of law.

Appeal forms are available from the Planning Inspectorate and you will be able to submit an appeal online at the Planning Inspectorate website.