Play partnerships, schemes and activities

Hundreds of Free and low cost play activities taking place across the City this summer- get involved!

Worcester Play Council has mapped the play activities, events and schemes taking place across Worcester City to promote public awareness of community play activities taking place across the summer. Worcester Play Council and Worcester City Council (and their employees) make no warranty about the events and activities publicised and will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any nature, however arising, from the use of or reliance on the information contained in this campaign or table of play events nor for activities that residents take part in as a consequence of this mapping document. Information is subject to change and was correct at the time of publishing. Please use the contact details and websites provided to find out more about each activity.

Worcester City Play Activities

Worcester Play Council

We work closely with Worcester Play Council to deliver and support play programmes and initiatives throughout the city.

Worcester Play Council has been the single most influential organisation on play schemes and play development within the boundaries of Worcester City since 1987. The Play Council has grown into a strong, successful and positive organisation due to the dedication of its volunteer members past and present. Over the years they have secured funding to introduce new play worker posts in the most disadvantaged areas of Worcester, continued to fund raise for play scheme funds and raise the profile of play, and develop Worcester City Play Strategy.

Providing professional support, access to a range of play resources and in some instances, funding towards delivering a playful session can also provided through the Worcester Play Council.

Worcester Play Council Small Grants 2015

During 2015, Worcester Play Council is supporting locally based community groups and organisations in Worcester City with small grants of up to £500 to develop and deliver play sessions for children aged 0-16 years.

A small grant can be made for up to £500 to support high quality and inclusive play, including: activities, resources, play schemes or events.

To apply, community groups or organisations need to complete the application form, emailing it to or posting it to:

Worcester Play Council,
c/o The Guildhall,
High Street,

Applications will need to set out what play activities you want to put on and what you see as the benefits and impact of your play activities  for local children and families. You also need to list what you will spend the grant on.

The funding is available throughout 2015. Applications will be considered at each Worcester Play Council meeting. Applications must be received by:

  • Monday 13th July
  • Monday 21st September
  • Monday 2nd November


Across the play schemes in Worcester there are a range of partners that work closely with one another. Below is a list of some of the key partners involved:

Worcester Snoezelen

This independent charity runs a multi-sensory activity centre for all people with severe learning disabilities. When you enter the centre everything you see, hear, smell or touch is designed to stimulate an active response. This encourages a feeling of being in control of your own environment and being able to explore at your own pace. Exciting and varied effects are created using projected images, fibre optics, bubble tubes, tactile objects and gentle music. Worcester Snoezelen provides activities all year round. For further information on Worcester Snoezelen visit or contact

The Love Outdoor Play campaign

Worcester Play Council is supporting The Love Outdoor Play campaign and is calling on everyone to take action to show that they Love Outdoor Play. This could be as simple as taking five minutes to map their local play space on the online map, signing up to regularly give money, time or skills to a local play project, or finding out about local – or national – volunteering opportunities to help more children play outside more often. For further information visit


4 Children is the national children's charity – for children and young people aged 0-19. 4Children works with Government, local authorities, primary care trusts, children's service providers, and children and parents to ensure joined up support for all children and young people in their local community.

Play England

Play England's aim is for all children and young people in England to have regular access and opportunity for free, inclusive, local play provision and play space. They provide play spaces and funding opportunities country wide.

Worcestershire CVYS

Worcestershire Council for Voluntary Youth Services (WCVYS) is a charity which supports and represents voluntary organisations and community groups working with children and young people. They consist of over 90 members including:

  • Uniformed organisations (e.g. Scouts, Girlguiding)
  • Independent youth groups
  • Voluntary youth groups
  • Faith youth groups

They are strongly committed to enabling young people to have fun, to feel secure and valued, and to learn to take greater control of their lives. Informal education programmes and activities are key to there work and provide a wide range of new experiences for children and young people. These can include:

  • Creative arts
  • Play
  • Sports
  • Health education
  • International opportunities
  • Outdoor activities
  • Residential breaks
  • Involvement in decision making
  • Environmental activities