Residential Design Guide

In 2002 the City Council approved the following Supplementary Planning Guidance to raise and maintain the standard of residential design in Worcester . The document can be used as a checklist of good design elements to be considered in submitted applications.

The residential design guide for Worcester was previously only available in hard copy form, but due to technological improvements can now be delivered online. It is, however, a graphics rich document and may not work well on older computers.

Front and Back Cover (362KB)

Contents (199KB)

1. Introduction (893KB)

2. Design Process – Analysis (1.6MB)

3. Design Components (58KB)

4. Component – Standard

4.1 General Provision (1.6MB)

4.2 Building Constraints (1MB)

4.3 Movement Environment (1.6MB)

4.4 Development Form (1.8MB)

4.5 Siting Of Buildings To Public Space (1MB)

4.6 Landscaping Functions (3.1MB)

4.7 Dwelling Types (1.4MB)

4.8 Building Form (330KB)

4.9 Siting of Buildings To Buildings (448KB)

4.10 Types of Occupant (37KB)

4.11 Aspect (553KB)

4.12 Boundary Treatment (852KB)

4.13 Domestic Amenity Space (1MB)

4.14 Building Components (6.7MB)

4.15 Construction Site Practices (829KB)

5. Residential Extensions

5.1 Introduction (55KB)

5.2 Specific Design Considerations (470KB)

5.3 Types of Extension (1MB)


Bibliography and Acknowledgements (45KB)

Appendices and Figures (378KB)