Street Amenity (Street Café) Licence

If you wish to put tables, chairs or other temporary furniture on the pavement in the City, you need a licence from us to do so.

We have adopted a policy that describes how we administer this type of licence, which can be downloaded here:

Street Amenity Policy

Apply by post

Your application form, supporting documents and fee should be sent to:

Licensing, Worcester City Council, Guildhall, High Street, Worcester, WR1 2EY

You can download an application form here:

Street Amenity application form

The fees payable for licences can be found on our licensing fees and charges page.

Applications are subject to a consultation period of 28 days. This means that you will have to send your application to a number of other organisations as well as us. The addresses that you need to send your application to can be found in the document below:

List of Street Amenity Consultees

During the consultation period, applicants must advertise their application by displaying a notice visible to the public at the site of the premises concerned. A template for this notice can be downloaded here:

Public Notice Template

Will Tacit Consent Apply?

No. It is in the public interest that the authority must process your application before it can be granted. If you have not heard from the local authority within a reasonable period, please contact us.