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Street Care & Cleansing

Grass, hedges and shrubbery

Overgrown grass, hedges and shrubbery can occur along many of the public footpaths and cycleways in the City.

Our teams trim back grass on a programmed schedule from April to September.  We operate a cut and leave policy so after mowing, any grass cuttings on the pavement will be blown back on to the grass as soon as possible.

We are working towards improving the biodiversity of our City, encouraging pollinators, promoting plants to flower and seed so providing a food source for insects and other wildlife, so there are now some areas around the City that will be left to grow naturally and some areas specifically dedicated to wildflower areas.

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Hedges are cut between October and March to avoid the bird nesting season - disturbing nesting birds is against the law hence we carry out hedge cutting when the young birds have fledged and left the nest.  If a hedge is on private land and is overgrowing the footpath making it difficult to pass, Worcestershire County Council can write to the landowner and request that they cut the hedge, so please report to them.

Report Overgrown HedgesReport Overgrown Private Hedges

Overgrown shrubbery can be removed by our dedicated Place Teams throughout the year.

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Private Land

Grass, Shrubbery or other hedges on private land cannot be dealt with by Worcester City Council so please refer the problem to the landowner.

Overgrown vegetation along canal towpaths should be reported to Canal and River Trust.