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Beryl Bikes - bikeshare scheme

Beryl Bike Launch at Diglis in Worcester. Two men and woman standing with a Beryl Bike

Worcester’s bikeshare scheme was launched by Beryl on 17 June 2024.

There are 175 e-bikes and 50 pedal bikes around the city which can be hired by the minute. The bikes take seconds to unlock then you can be off on your journey.

There are bay locations all around the city where users can hire a bike using the Beryl app (or unlock via SMS) and cycle away, leaving the bike at another bay location near to their destination.

A map of all bays and the number of available bikes can be found on the Beryl app or on website. The scheme is dockless with each bay consisting of a painted outline on the pavement. Beryl’s local operations team will swap out the e-bike batteries, maintain and redistributes the bikes to meet demand.

More information about the scheme and how to sign up is available on the Beryl website or simply download the app from your app store and get started!

To report damaged or abandoned bikes, please contact Beryl using the chat icon on their app, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call their customer service team on 020 3003 5044 (7am - 9pm Monday-Sunday).

If you would like to see a bike bay in a new location, let Beryl know using the form on their website. How to request a new parking location | Beryl - Help Centre

Working with colleagues from County Highways and other key stakeholders the bays have been carefully chosen to avoid any obstruction. To gain formal approval of the bay locations from the Highways Authority a consultation with residents and businesses within the immediate vicinity was carried out for each location on highways land.

The scheme is a key project within the Worcester Town Investment Plan. The capital costs of setting up the scheme were funded from the Council’s Towns Fund Grant. The award of the contract to Beryl was approved by Health and Wellbeing Committee in 23 October 2023.

Accessible descriptions of all bays being installed are available in the document below. This will be updated regularly as new bays are added.

pdf Accessible bay descriptions (3.49 MB)

Beryl work with charities and community groups to provide access to the bikes through their Community Champions initiative.