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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes from natural sources such as sunlight and wind. It produces electricity without emitting greenhouse gases and offers an alternative to traditional non-renewable fossil fuels. Currently the most widely used renewable technologies include solar panels, wind turbines and hydro-electric (including tidal energy).

In 2023, individual renewables contributed the following:

  • Wind power contributed 29.4% of the UK’s total electricity generation.
  • Biomass energy, the burning of renewable organic materials, contributed 5% to the renewable mix.
  • Solar power contributed 4.9% to the renewable mix
  • Hydropower, including tidal, contributed 1.8% to the renewable mix.

For more information on how you can generate your own renewable energy, head to the Energy Savings Trust website.

An easy first step is switching your electricity tariff to one that comes from renewable energy!