Sustainable Business

Are you looking to save money in your business and improve your environmental performance? This section has advice and links to sources of more information.

Resource Efficient Worcestershire

If you are interested in reducing your businesses energy usage through improvements  to energy efficiency  then contact Worcestershire County Council by calling 01905 822833 or email

Measuring carbon emissions

Effective measurement of carbon emissions and energy can help you to reduce usage. The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has more information on how to make your business more sustainable.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment encourages businesses to measure and reduce carbon emissions, as for businesses using large amounts of energy, allowances have to be purchased for each tonne of CO2 emitted. For the most up to date information on the 'CRC' see the Department for Energy and Climate Change website.

Energy efficiency

Reducing your energy usage and dependence on fossil fuels will reduce your bills and reduce your vulnerability to energy security issues. With the Feed-In Tariffs, investing in micro-generation renewable energy is an attractive prospect for many businesses.

If you are looking for a project with less investment required, then changing the behaviour of your staff can make a massive difference. Other simple measures such as using automatic meter readers or smart meters, installing insulation and reviewing your lighting can all make significant contributions.

You can also save money and help the environment through using less fuel. The Energy Saving Trust offer free Green Fleet Reviews to businesses with more than 50 fleet vehicles. These can help you to save up to £1,000 per vehicle each year!

Reducing waste

Reducing waste = reducing cost. Reducing the waste that you produce will save raw materials and therefore save cost.

Envirowise provides resource efficiency support across the UK. Since 1994, Envirowise has helped industry to save £1 billion from waste reduction initiatives.

Locally, the Duckworth Trust runs the Worcestershire Resource Exchange, a 'scrapstore' which collects clean and safe waste from a range of local industries and businesses, diverting it from landfill. This 'Aladdin's Cave' of low cost reclaimed material is then made available to members as a creative resource for projects. This way, you can reduce landfill costs and contribute towards your corporate sustainability plans by helping the local community.


If you are running a business, you have a responsibility to limit any pollution that may result from your business activities.

The Environment Agency provides associated information that may be of interest.

Environmental Management

Taking a holistic view of the environmental impacts of your company can help to track and manage costs and ensure compliance with legislation.

For detailed information about the Environmental Management Systems available and the standard ISO 14001, visit the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment website. Also, the Government has more information for businesses considering environmental management.

Adaptation to climate change

It is really important that local and national businesses start to consider the impacts of climate change on their core business (business continuity) and on their environmental performance. The Local Climate Impacts Profile and the page on adaptation should prove useful for assessing how the climate is predicted to change in Worcestershire. As we begin to implement risk assessments for the main 'climate change hazards' for the most vulnerable council services, we suggest that businesses do the same. 

Water Efficiency

Water is often taken for granted but is still a precious commodity even in the UK. As climate change brings longer, drier summers, water shortages will become more frequent. The energy and technology required to clean and transport water is frequently overlooked. 

More information on water efficiency is available in the section.