Travelling sustainably in Worcester

Why drive everywhere?

Travelling everywhere by car is not only bad for your carbon footprint, it also aids to congestion, makes people less healthy and Worcester's air quality suffers.

There are lots of alternatives to driving – why not bike, walk or take public transport? Many of these alternatives will save you money as well when you take into account increasing fuel costs.

If you must drive, then see our tips on driving in a fuel-efficient manner - don't forget this will save you money too!

Reconditioned bikes

If you have decided to buy a bike, then check out the range of reconditioned bikes at the Worcestershire Resource Exchange: 9a Shrub Hill Industrial Estate, Worcester, WR4 9EL. They have bikes of all kinds, road bikes, mountain bikes, even BMX. and also offer cheap bike servicing and repairs.

Walking and Cycling Maps

To find pedestrian and cycle friendly routes around Worcester, use our walking and cycling map. This can help you to plan a safe and easy journey to work or to the shops. If you would like a paper copy of this map, just email or phone on 01905 722233.

For more information on cycling safely, cycling shops, clubs and security, see the pages on the Worcestershire County Council website. 

There are also many walking clubs in Worcestershire to help you to walk regularly and make walking more fun.

Public Transport

It may not be possible to consider public transport for all journeys, but why not start using it for some at least? Use a Journey Planner to help you find a route – Travel Line Midlands.

Worcestershire County Council have also compiled local information on bus routes, Park and Ride services and Concessionary fares.