Participate in swimming

Ladies in swimming pool

Swimming is a great way of getting active whatever your age or ability. It's a low impact sport that can be enjoyed on your own, or with friends. If lane swimming doesn't inspire you (and for a lot of us, it doesn't), there are plenty of group activities in the pool to get involved in which are great for socialising and making friends while at the same time working on your fitness levels.

"Swimming" is not just swimming up and down the length of the pool, it is so much more than that!!!  There is a huge benefit to virtually EVERYONE if they swim.  As it is such a low impact activity, it is not restricted to fit, healthy folk, it is open to people from all walks of life and of all ability levels.  The fact that water can support 90% of your bodyweight means that those of us that are less able, through disability or health issues etc. can take part in a comfortable and safe environment. It also means you gain a full body workout.

Taking part in "swimming" IS FUN!!!!  It is a fantastic way to spend quality time with your family and friends and keeps you fit at the same time!!!

Across Worcester City, there are a number of options including Family Swims, Aquafit, Lane Swimming, Fun Sessions, Aquatic Youth club, Over 50's swim, ladies only and general swimming.

If you would like to see additional activities offered within the site in Worcester City, please email……… with your comments and suggestions.

Open Water Swimming

Triathlon swimming

This is a growing sport with many swimmers now taking on the challenge of swimming in open water around the country. Some are taking it one step further and joining in triathlon training and events.  It is a great way for the competent swimmer to enjoy swimming on a different level though you don't need to be Kerri-Anne Payne to take part.  For more information, please have a look at the links below: