Transition Worcester

Transition Worcester

Transition Worcester is an active group which is creating positive, practical local responses to global challenges – challenges such as food miles, excess waste, energy usage and climate change. Transition Worcester is an opportunity for all residents to be involved in practical change which will make a difference in the local area.

Transition Worcester is part of the international Transition Movement, a network of "transition" towns, cities across the world, all creating local solutions to the challenges we face.

Worcester City Council is working with Transition Worcester to strive towards a ‘low carbon' Worcester, through giving support with meetings and events.

Transition Worcester has a range of working groups which residents can be involved in. All the groups have regular meetings and everyone volunteers their time. So whether you are passionate about the amount we waste as a society, where our food comes from, how we travel, using our energy more effectively or how we engage with the wider community on these issues, there is a group for you to join.

To find out more, visit the Transition Worcester website at, or email to find out more –

Transition Worcester are also on Facebook and Twitter so please like or follow them  -  and

Landshare scheme

Are you looking for land to grow your own food? Or do you have a big garden which isn't being used?

The Landshare scheme looks to match up these people, so that gardens are used and the problem of a lack of allotment space in many areas is solved. This project was inspired by the River Cottage programme on Channel 4. You can easily register your interest on the website - as a grower or as a landowner - and through the website, interested people can then get in touch. The Landshare scheme even supplies 'contracts' so that you can set up your relationship formally. All the information is on their website so have a look to see if it can work for you!


In Transition 1.0 from Transition Towns on Vimeo.