Notes For Applicants of Parking Permits

1. Only residents of premises whose postal address is on the following roads are eligible for a parking permit. Where a resident is not on the electoral roll it may be necessary to produce some proof of residence.


  • Albany Terrace.
  • Moor Street.
  • Britannia Square.
  • Back Lane South.
  • Braymoor Road.
  • Britannia Road – from it`s junction with Moor Street to it`s junction with Britannia Square.
  • The Moors – from it`s junction with Moor Street to it`s junction with Back Lane North.

2. There is a charge of £30.00p per annum for a residents permit.

3. Each permit is issued for one vehicle only. Any household with more than one vehicle requires one permit per vehicle.

4. The vehicle for which a permit is issued must fall into one of the Following classes.
  • Passenger vehicle.
  • Goods vehicle.
  • Motor-cycle.

5. A parking permit will enable the holder to park the vehicle [for which the permit is issued] in any of the roads specified in the order.

A permit does not allow the holder to reserve a specific parking place in a particular road and therefore does not assure the holder that they will be able to park outside their property.

6. The permit holder must be the registered owner or keeper of the vehicle for which the permit is issued. The vehicle registration document may be requested at any time.

7. The permit is issued for a period of twelve months. Responsibility for the renewal of the permit rests with the permit holder. If a permit holder wishes to renew their permit then application is made on the standard form and can be made up to one month prior to the expiry date on the current permit.

8. A permit must be surrendered if:

a. The holder is no longer a resident.

b. The holder ceases to own or keep the vehicle for which it has been issued. It is a contravention to alter or forge a permit or to exhibit one bearing an incorrect registration number.

c. The vehicle no longer falls into the specified class i.e. passenger, goods or motor cycle.

d. The vehicle no longer carries a valid road fund licence.

9. The city council may, by written notice to the permit holder, withdraw a parking permit it if appears that any one of the events listed above have occurred. In this case the permit holder is required to surrender the permit within 48 hours of receipt of the notice.

10. If the period of currency of a permit which has been surrendered by the holder has not expired, the city council will consider making a refund on the remaining term of the permit.

11. A duplicate parking permit may be issued, for the remainder of the term at the discretion of the council, if a permit has been:

  • Torn or mutilated so that some of the particulars have become illegible (in this case the permit must be returned to the city council)
  •  Lost or destroyed, (in this case an administration fee may be charged)

12. Vehicles should park parallel to the kerb.

13. Any person parking in a parking space shall not unreasonably prevent access to any premises so as to be a nuisance.


14. Any vehicle being used in connection with the sale of any article is prohibited from using the parking places except if the articles are immediately delivered at or taken into premises adjacent to the vehicle from which the sale is affected or if the person is licensed by the council to sell goods from a stationary pitch situation in the parking space.

15. The council may suspend the use of a parking space or part thereof for the following reasons:
  • For the purpose of facilitating the movement of traffic or promoting it`s safety.
  • For the convenience of occupiers of premises adjacent to the parking place at time of weddings or funerals or on other special occasions.
  • On any occasion on which it is likely by reason of some special attraction that any street would be thronged or obstructed.

16. A Police Officer in uniform or a civil enforcement officer in uniform may move or cause to be moved in case of emergency to any place he thinks fit, any vehicle left in a parking space.

17. Exceptions are contained in the order which permit vehicles to wait in the restricted areas for as long as it is necessary for:

  • The picking up and setting down of passengers.
  • The loading and unloading of goods.
  • The delivering and collecting of furniture and effects with police consent.
  • The delivering and collecting of mail by post office vehicles.
  • Any building or demolition operation, the removal of any obstruction to traffic, the maintenance of the roads and the supply of gas, electricity and water maintenance of telegraph lines.
  • Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Police Services.
  • Owing to circumstances beyond the drivers control.
  •  To avoid accident.

A copy of the order covering the residents parking area may be inspected at Development Services, Farrier Street, Worcester, WR1 3BB during normal office hours.