Jet washing ‘hit squad’ helps keep Worcester city centre clean


Worcester's streets are looking cleaner and tidier than ever, thanks to the City Council's enhanced street cleaning programme within the city centre.

For the last couple of years, in addition to the usual sweeping and tidying carried out by the Street Scene team, the Council has a 'hit squad' which is making a splash - cleaning up mess with a hot water jet washer.

The two-strong team begin work at 6am, jet washing streets, benches, bus shelters, litter bins – and even statues! The street washing is particularly useful in removing mess caused by seagulls.

The team also remove graffiti, weeds and leaves and carry out litter picking, as well as assisting other teams to clear fly tipping.

The jet washer uses hot water and can hold up to 600 litres of water and is sometimes refilled up to three or four times a day, depending on the team's workload.

During the time the 'hit squad' have been in operation they have responded to hundreds of individual tasks. The enhanced cleaning team has resulted in the council receiving compliments from visitors on the cleanliness of the city.

Chair of Worcester City Council's Environment Committee, Cllr Karen Lewing, said: "Keeping our city centre streets spick and span is often a challenge, particularly during the main seagull roost, and we are very grateful to our hard working 'hit squad' whose work with the jet washer has proved particularly effective in helping to ensure that our city is cleaner and more welcoming to all." 

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