Make sure you check where your polling station is before you vote on 12 December

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Worcester residents are being urged to check the location of their polling station ahead of the general election on December 12 – as some polling stations have changed from previous elections.

Every voter's polling card lists where they need to go to cast their vote on Thursday.

Shane Flynn, Electoral Registration Officer for Worcester City Council, said: 

"You might have cast your vote in the same place for many years, but please check your polling card before you set out to vote on December 12 – your polling station may have changed this time."

View a map of polling station locations.

Facts & tips about polling stations

  • 65 individual polling stations are open on 12 December. Locations include community centres, schools and public houses
  • 160 officers are working in the polling stations and a further 187 at the count in the Guildhall
  • Every polling station has a ramp or a separate entrance, to make sure it's accessible
  • Every polling station has a wheelchair-accessible polling booth
  • You can ask to see a large print ballot paper or for a visual aid at the polling station, if you need help to see the ballot paper
  • You can ask for a tactile voting device at the polling station, if you need help to cast your vote
  • You can take your assistance dog into the polling station with you (but no other dogs are allowed)
  • The Presiding Officer at the polling station can help you to cast your vote if you need them to
  • Your carer or support worker can help you to cast your vote if you need them to
  • Ask at the polling station if you need help to cast your vote.
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