Mayor urges Worcester residents to stay calm and to work together


 The Mayor of Worcester, Cllr Allah Ditta, has urged residents to stay calm and to work together to minimise the impact of coronavirus and its ramifications on the city.

"Getting to grips with this virus is possibly the greatest peacetime challenge our country and this city has faced," said the Mayor of Worcester.

"There is not a person in this city who won't be affected – whether you run a business, are about to be sent home from school, are retired or are working to keep essential services and provisions running.

"I will do everything I can to support residents through the daily challenges that lie ahead.Many Worcester residents have already been galvanised in to action, setting up volunteer networks in their area to help with shopping, provide friendship and find practical ways of overcoming problems.I am incredibly proud of everyone who's going that extra mile to help others.

"Whilst there is no finite timescale for the duration of this pandemic, it is clear that it won't be with us forever.By staying calm, thinking creatively and looking out for those in the community who may be vulnerable and need our support, we can and will get though this.We are all in this together - and if we support each other, we will come out of it together."

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