Mosaic welcome sign for the ‘village in the city’

Councillor Alan Amos (left) and Councillor Richard Udall, with the new mosaic sign. Councillor Alan Amos (left) and Councillor Richard Udall, with the new mosaic sign.

Visitors to the St John's area of Worcester are now greeted with a striking and colourful mosaic sign – thanks to two local councillors.

The sign welcoming people to the area was commissioned by Richard Udall and Alan Amos, who serve as councillors both on Worcester City Council and Worcestershire County Council. It has been installed on the Bullring roundabout.

Designed by Malvern-based mosaic artist Victoria Harrison, the sign is a two-sided artwork. One side depicts St John's Church and Worcester Pearmain apples and says 'Welcome to St John's' and, referring to how the area, is often described locally, the 'Village in the City.'

The other side manages to squeeze in numerous historical facts about the area. It features pottery, the English Civil War and Ernest Payne, the Worcester track cycling racer who scooped a gold medal in the 1908 Summer Olympics. It also references local places such as Swanpool and Bullring and the area's Grade II listed fountain.

The two councillors funded the mosaic using money allocated to St John's from the Government's Portas Fund, aimed at supporting traditional shopping areas, with County Highways paying for the installation costs.

Cllr Udall said: "St John's is known locally as the 'village in the city' and it does have its own unique identity - I think this mosaic really helps to distinguish St John's from the rest of the city and pays tribute to its rich history."

Cllr Amos said: "It's not just a 'welcome' sign – it is a striking, bold and colourful artwork which I hope will be enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike. I love it."

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