Plan to boost walking and cycling in Worcester

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Worcester people will be supported to make more journeys by walking and cycling under a new plan to be considered by city councillors.

Proposed initiatives to give more people the opportunity to take up 'active travel' will include launching a bike share scheme for residents and visitors, working with schools to encourage more pupils and students to walk and cycle, and additional cycle parking at popular destinations like parks and community centres.

The active travel plan is intended to build on Worcester City Council's existing environmental sustainability strategy and is due to be considered by the Health and Wellbeing Committee on Monday 12 June.

Committee Chair Councillor Lynn Denham said: "Helping people to walk and cycle more, or take up another form of active travel, can only be a good thing. It increases their health and wellbeing, reduces pollution and congestion, and helps Worcester edge closer to becoming a carbon-neutral city. I hope the committee will give its support to this important new plan."

The active travel plan is intended to support national targets, which include 50% of all journeys in towns and cities being undertaken by active means by 2030.

If approved, the plan will see Worcester City Council work with partners including Worcestershire County Council, Worcester Environmental Group and local businesses to help more people to leave the car at home in favour of walking, cycling or other forms of active travel such as scooters, wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Alongside practical measures, the plan also proposes the promotion of active travel at major events like the Worcester Show and the Victorian Christmas Fayre, and the provision of cycle parking at these and other City Council events.

The City Council would also promote information to raise awareness of the convenience of active travel. This would include the locations of cycle parking, and details of key active travel routes in Worcester, like the riverside park, the canal corridor and other off-road routes.

The Council also plans to lead by example, encouraging more of its staff to walk or cycle, both to their place of work and while on duty. Measures include improving bike storage facilities at its offices, offering training on cycling safely, allowing staff to borrow e-bikes for journeys between council premises, and promoting a scheme that allows employees to spread the cost of buying a new bike.

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