Renovation plans for Astwood Crematorium


Detailed designs for the modernisation and refurbishment of Astwood Crematorium are to be drawn up, if councillors back the scheme.

An initial study carried out earlier this year has ruled out the possibilities of building a new crematorium elsewhere and it is instead likely that the current facility will be upgraded and extended.

If councillors back the recommendation, then £250,000 will be allocated for the drawing up of detailed plans for the site.

Part of the scheme will be the replacement of the facility's three current gas-fired cremators, which are reaching the end of their life, with the benefits of electric cremators highlighted within the report.

If councillors back the preferred option for the site, the scheme will see the building refurbished and extended with a single storey extension added to the south façade to allow for the inclusion of a changing places facility.

The project would also see the chapel re-orientated, so it looks out on the Garden of Remembrance. Other works would include external cladding, a new covered entrance and the removal of the existing chimney, which will be replaced with a shorter one.

The second floor of the building would be reinforced to accommodate additional abatement equipment to ensure that the site meets all modern environmental standards.

Lloyd Griffiths, Worcester City Council's Director of Operations, Homes & Communities, said: "Astwood is an important facility for local residents and families. The proposed renovation of the crematorium will provide a better experience for those visiting the building and will also play a significant part in the Council being able to meet its environmental sustainability targets."

Councillors will consider the scheme at a meeting of the Environment Committee on July 18. 

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