Take winter action to deter gulls from nesting in New Year

Worcester residents and business owners are being urged to take action over the winter months to prevent gulls from nesting on their properties in the Spring.

"The first step is to remove any nests and nesting materials from your property before the gulls return to Worcester in March and April," says Gordon Dugan, Worcester's Gull Control Officer.

"This action is legal while the nests are unoccupied – and will make it harder for gulls to nest in the same location in the forthcoming breeding season."

Removing nests in the winter also reduces the chances of water damage to buildings caused when drains, gutters and downpipes become blocked with nesting material.Contractors can access difficult-to-reach nests using long poles.

Property owners can also place gull netting, mesh cages and short steel spikes to deter gulls from nesting.

Residents and business owners who have experienced serious problems with gulls in the past year are encouraged to make contact with Worcester City Council's Gull Control Officer, with a view to being included in the authority's gull nest and egg removal scheme in 2021.

All actions taken under the scheme are licenced by public body Natural England. For a licence to be issued for a property, there must be clear evidence of past or potential harm to either public safety or public health (including mental health).

The Worcester Gull Forum, which meets twice a year, welcomes residents, business owners and organisations as members.The next meeting is scheduled for the end of February 2021.

For further information on joining the Gull Forum and for advice and assistance on all aspects of gull management, contact Gordon Dugan, Technical Officer (Gull Control) for Worcester – tel.07917 592887 or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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